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12/4/08 7:23 A

Good morning all! Waving wildly to Michele and Kathy below emoticon and to all our new and old posters, thank you for coming back each day to share...

This morning, I am grateful indeed ...

~ for fun evening out with our wonderfully bright and mature little God Son seeing "Dinosours Live!"

~ for continued conversations toward healing and understanding

~ for leaning on advisors during difficult decisions

~ that my DH is dealing with his job insecurities pretty well and with whatever happens, we'll manage financially

~ for shelter, food, clothing and all the other needs met and then some

~ for the weekend ahead and plans to visit my #1 son and his wife to celebrate Christmas early

I hope your day is wonderful!

Love to all,


12/4/08 1:09 A

Michelle, I too love coming here and seeing all the familiar faces....and it really brightened my spirit to see HAPPY DESTINY's bright sun, followed by the sunny yellow flowers of FAYEVIEW

Before I hop in bed, I want to express gratitude,
* That our new furniture arrived safely, and actually fit in the room
* For the creative ideas and solutions (much like blowing on a keyhole in the cold) that sometimes pop in my head without any thought or conscious triggers.
* For finally finishing most of the Thanksgiving leftovers. (We decided the last two days of turkey tortilla soup was the best!)
* For the flowers that have burst into bloom in my back patio.
* For yoga at 1 a.m. last night.

12/4/08 12:27 A

Today I am grateful for:

--the ability to try again and again and...

--always being drawn back here

--my first-rate doctors who are not only know their medicine but treat their patients with kindness and compassion

--treating myself to lunch out (and bringing half home for another meal)

--my tasty, tasty salad for dinner--mixed baby greens, Feta cheese, dried cranberries, and foccacia croutons with citrus vinaigrette

--my weekly library fix--books and DVDs

--hot showers

--my flannel nightshirt

--my cozy bed


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12/4/08 12:20 A

This cold snowy evening I am thankful to be inside and warm with more blessings than I can list. I am especially grateful for:

~life with all the ups and downs
~clean water which so many in this world do not have
~abundant food choices which so many do not have
~the ability to share with those who do not have
~wonderful and kind people in my life
~not getting locked outside when I went out to feed the birds today, the storm door lock froze (wind chill was around 5 degrees), after a few very cold minutes trying to decide whether to jump off the deck one story to the ground, it occurred to me to blow warm breath into the keyhole-that thawed it enough to turn the handle and get back inside. Whew!

Peace and blessings to all, Elaine

MOMMADOT630 Posts: 7,570
12/3/08 11:43 P

I am late again but better late than never to post Gratitude's right. I have been grateful for so many things today. Especially for:

~ #1 Son who came to fix the lighting in my kitchen after work. All the florescent bulbs had burned out except one.
~ That I now have light.
~ I got to cook for him and enjoy his company.
~ Accomplishment of more Christmas jobs today.

Momma Dot ~ God Bless all!

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12/3/08 6:49 P

On this cold, snowy Wednesday, my gratitudes include:

1. My mother being OK after a nasty fall that sprained her ankle & bruised her entire left side;
2. A text message from my nephew (via my brother);
3. HyVee having an organic produce section;
4. Economics class almost over;
5. My health and the many options available to me to try and stay healthy.

Have a great evening all!


FAYEVIEW Posts: 992
12/3/08 3:10 P

Wednesday Gratitude's:
-for time to get some things done
-a good life
-for being healthy
-for having my dogs
-for having family and friends close
Have a Great Day!

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HAPPY-DESTINY Posts: 23,051
12/3/08 3:04 P

Today I am grateful for:

* Friends sharing the drive!

* Breakfast together!

* Compassion!

* X-rays and all they reveal!

* A better understanding of the origin of my pain!

MAGDALINA37 Posts: 395
12/3/08 2:41 P

On this chilly Tuesday, I am grateful for:

---the motivation of a Holiday party we're hosting on Saturday
---A successful presentation
---A project that is nearly complete! Just editing on a paper!!!
---A new book that is throwing me into another world
---A wonderful group of people who let me into their lives through their gratitude! Thank you to you all!

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12/3/08 1:01 P

Among my blessings and gratitude today:
1. Sorting out and reordered linen closet with big bag of give-a-ways gathered
2. Nice long conversation with Crystal and more good news on sales
3. Persevering through mis-steps when posting to my website
4. Orders received and already mailed
5. Short sleeves and shorts for bike ride under sunny blue skies
6. and the rich community

KP20496 Posts: 146
12/3/08 11:27 A

On this beautiful morning, I am grateful for:
*The lessons I continue to learn daily
*My family
*Friday's Christmas Party!!
*All of you who post to this regularly!

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
12/3/08 11:05 A

Greeting gratitude friends! Today I appreciate and am grateful for:
~ all of you staying focused on the positive
~ my back miraculously adjusting itself, saving me a trip to the doc and allowing me to get my work done
~ husband pitching in with chauffeuring of daughter
~ the progress of students who follow my advice
~ more blessings than I could ever list
namaste, sherrie

ABURRIS1 Posts: 487
12/3/08 11:02 A

blessed and thankful
~for overflow from others' gratitudes
~for amazing kindness seen
~for the ease, in the end, of a tough conversation
~that support was immediate when needed yesterday
~for the honor of many hours in loving communion with my granddaughter, babble included

peace to each,

MAZZYR Posts: 9,186
12/3/08 10:44 A

Today I'm grateful for...

-The good health my family and I enjoy.
-The love of my sister.
-Living with gratitude.
-Focus on living mindfully.
-Spending a lazy with DH.

Maha, Your experience sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing. Hugs.

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12/3/08 10:21 A

Good morning everyone! I'm writing you from my $55(!) room at the Richmond Sheraton (!

I had a deeply heart-nourishing and soul-enriching time at the ashram. Thank you all for your good wishes sent my way. It was such an important gift to be there. Gratitudes abound for that and so much more ~~

~ on Monday, the last day at the ashram, for an absolutely delightful afternoon-evening outing with my dearest swami friend who I have known since 1981, when she was director of the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute (where I ended up living 1982-1986)
~ for her amazing direction in establishing new ideas, thinking *outside the box,* regarding what's next for me
~ that we made it safely to Richmond yesterday and got set up without problems
~ I'm taking the opening event of the show off, Preview Night from 5:00pm-9:30pm, and letting my assistant do it solo!
~ my dear girlfriend, who is also doing the show, is rooming with me -- PJ parties!!!
~ the weather has been so SO cooperative during this whole month of travel and shows AND ashram visit
~ Val's home and back with us -- YAY!!!

Blessed be!

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12/3/08 9:27 A

Good morning gratitude friends!

Today's blessings ...

~ committed and dedicated team members willing to go above and beyond even in the most stressful of situations

~ humor and using it often

~ for our "bench strength" teams who performs flawlessly day in and day out ... ahhh such a relief to know they are there and doing their jobs so well

~ the gift of the "P" family - 3 of whom work with me and are so skilled and talented

~ for rediscovering kindness in someone and encouraging the love to shine through

~ that the barn kitty we are attempting to rescue is doing ok against the fierce Ms. Tigger - (drum-roll, please) RULER OF ALL BARN CATS, MEANEST CAT IN THE UNIVERSE (or so she thinks). Looks like this new little guy is not afraid of her and if so, he will be able to stay

~although my DH is unhappily being transferred/right sized (again), he is still gainfully employed (whew!)

Hope you are all well!

Love to all,


SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
12/3/08 9:03 A

As I settle in at my desk this morning I am grateful...

- for the issue with my car being under warranty
- for a loaner car from the dealership, and that it is fun to drive
- for getting to listen to my son play music
- for a vet who leaves me meds on the porch
- for a dog who has rallied and stayed with us long enough to need that re-fill!
- being able to do so many banking transactions on-line
- for knowing I make a difference to my clients
- for fresh new days
- for the quietly supportive and powerful comment from someone yesterday which helped me cement in my mind my determination and commitment to reach my physical & health goals.

Wishing you all some joy in your day,

PEACEFULONE SparkPoints: (73,804)
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12/3/08 12:38 A

At the end of this cold, clear winter day I am thankful for all my many blessings including:

~the health food section of my neighborhood grocery
~crock pot dinners
~DH for all he does, especially for going outside in the cold tonight to bring in my very big and heavy flower pots so they won't freeze and crack
~family and friends
~warm home and needs met
~informative posts on Sparkpeople

Wishing sweet dreams all, Elaine

12/2/08 11:08 P

Another foggy day, cool and quiet...and I express gratitude
* For awakening to a funny song on the radio. It set the mood for the entire day!
* For finding a parking spot only two blocks from work.
* For foggy mornings, which enhance the fragrance of the pines and the cedars
* For the suggestion of tortilla soup, to use up more leftovers
* For being able to take tomorrow off so that I can be here when they deliver the puffy couch.
* For the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh, which continue to inspire me in these stressful times.

ABQUEST Posts: 1,965
12/2/08 9:53 P


I am thankful for:

- my car that gets me to places.

- my computer time at home (my downtime - not at work) that connects me to Sparkpeople. This is one time I look forward to be in front of the computer!

- warm teas, that I enjoy at night to wind down (ones without caffeine) and give me zest (caffeinated ones) in the morning.

- Service people who are nice that make my day..!

- Courteous drivers!

MOMMADOT630 Posts: 7,570
12/2/08 7:44 P

Tuesday's Gratitudes:

~ Energy that allows me to volunteer.
~ Friend's that come to help when called.
~ Jobs that get done with willing hands.
~ Sighting the moon and planets last night in awestruck wonder, such a sight!
~ The smell of baking chicken, good conversation, and dinner almost ready.

Hugs to all,
Momma Dot

12/2/08 6:08 P

Am grateful today:

that my blood pressure went down from yesterday when it was very high

for a productive day at work

for a kind lab technician during my heart exam today and a short nap while that took place

for a cozy home to come home to

for a loving husband and sweet little dog who has recovered quite well from his surgery a week ago

for the season and the love it brings...

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12/2/08 2:39 P

Today, I have gratitude and joy in my heart for:
Waking up with a smile on my face
A beautiful day to enjoy nature
The ability to forgive myself and others
And a special namaste to Maha.. may your time at the ashram be filled with joy and peace!

MAGDALINA37 Posts: 395
12/2/08 12:50 P

Today I am grateful for:

---A morning of rest
---A lovely chat with friends last night
---An amazing movie watched and perspective gained
---For some holiday cheer that I feel seeping in everywhere!

FAYEVIEW Posts: 992
12/2/08 12:45 P

Just a quick THANK YOU for getting me straightened out! I was lost in November!
Have a Great Day!

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
12/2/08 12:29 P

Today I am grateful for:
~ being alive
~ breath
~ a clear mind
~ hot water and heating pads
~ acupuncture
~ more blessings than I could ever list
namaste, sherrie

HAPPY-DESTINY Posts: 23,051
12/2/08 12:20 P

Today I am grateful for:

* Hair(s)cut!

* Idle conversations with strangers!

* Different perspectives!

* Humor!

* Holiday 'Happy'ness!

TUCKDK42 Posts: 1,565
12/2/08 11:40 A

...for my children and their wisdom. I had no idea I raised such insightful children!

MAZZYR Posts: 9,186
12/2/08 11:27 A

Today I'm grateful for...

-The willingness to let go of anger.
-The willingness to let go of disappointment.
-The willingness to let go of hurt feelings.
-The willingness to focus on the present moment.
-Remembering to be grateful.

ABURRIS1 Posts: 487
12/2/08 10:58 A

so grateful
~to be sheltered and warm
~to be well fed and clothed
~for leisure time
~for learning opportunities
~for a hopeful future


SLASALLE SparkPoints: (271,872)
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12/2/08 9:41 A

On this sunny and chilly Tuesday morning, my gratitudes include, but are by no means limited to:
1. Meeting deadlines at work yesterday, despite computer and graphics problems;
2. My job;
3. Word that a friend who was laid off has been in touch with others;
4. Hot and healthy soup on cold days; and
5. The purring of my little kitty.

Have a wonderful day everybody!


SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
12/2/08 8:34 A

I am grateful this morning...

- for the freedom of choices and resources
- for finding and correcting my mistake before the client did!
- my glasses
- the feeling of being all perked up after a shower
- remote log-in to office from home

Happy Day All!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,358)
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12/2/08 7:53 A

As I await the dawn I think on my appreciations:
1. Deciding to take the dogs on short evening walk
2. Long lingering views of spectacular Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter during, what turned into, a longer stroll just to enjoy the sky
3. Choosing the proper (clothing) gear to enjoy being outside
4. Robust health and optimism
5. Freedom of choices
Always the friendship of our gratitude community emoticon

NORLANA SparkPoints: (0)
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12/2/08 5:11 A

This day I am blessed with ...

~ clarity in knowing
~ growth without breaking
~ honesty and new beginnings
~ kindness and love
~ taking chances and connecting

PEACEFULONE SparkPoints: (73,804)
Fitness Minutes: (77,621)
Posts: 6,012
12/2/08 2:02 A

This late Monday night I pause before bed to share my gratitudes for:

~the miracle of reading glasses to read the computer screen and bifocal lenses for driving
~the 40% off coupon used to buy gifts
~wonderful family and friends
~warm house
~needs met

Wishing everyone a great week!

12/2/08 12:14 A

On this first foggy day in December...I am thankful
* For being able to find furniture with very little shopping
* For an attidute adjustment that took place within
* For being more mindful today
* For the cool dampness of the fog against my face
* For getting the tree part way up
* For still having leftovers, and not having to cook!

GLEORIA SparkPoints: (69,551)
Fitness Minutes: (54,729)
Posts: 4,268
12/1/08 3:26 P

I am grateful for a job to go to Monday morning
I am also grateful for my family

HAPPY-DESTINY Posts: 23,051
12/1/08 2:44 P

Today I am grateful for:

* New opportunities!

* Fresh starts!

* Optimistic goals!

* Realistic goals!

* Obtainable goals!

MOMMADOT630 Posts: 7,570
12/1/08 1:24 P

Missed posting yesterday ~ busy, busy day.

Monday Gratitudes:

~ Still so thankful for family
~ For the love and sharing
~ For my good health
~ For energy to accomplish those jobs that have to be done.
~ For the peaceful silence that invades my mind and heart. Bringing joy in its wake.

CTF4035 Posts: 37
12/1/08 12:33 P

I'm greatful DH which I love dearly, my sister who is my best friend, my daughter who puts a smile on my face and that my daughter's husband finally has a job that will give her (them) well needed health insurance.

KP20496 Posts: 146
12/1/08 12:25 P

On this beautiful Monday in December, I am grateful for:
*A sunny 66 degree day! (Is it really December?)
*A lovely Thanksgiving with family
*Time in the outdoors with my husband again this weekend!

MAGDALINA37 Posts: 395
12/1/08 11:55 A

Happy December!!!!

On this foggy, beautiful Monday morning, I am grateful for:

---Perspective...this paper is not the end of the world!
---The light at the end of the tunnel
---The idea of a Monday Tea night with friends to keep me going through the day
---A good amount of healthy food to keep me going through the day
---My body's ability to roll with the punches till I'm done with finals
---A giant water bottle full of delicious water and a mug full of warm green tea

Dear friends, I hope your December holds many, many blessings!

MAZZYR Posts: 9,186
12/1/08 11:06 A

Today I'm grateful for...

-The good health my family and I enjoy.
-The success of my dear sister's surgery.
-Letting go of fear.
-My focus on gratitude.
-The joy of a great movie... Australia.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,358)
Fitness Minutes: (215,990)
Posts: 22,796
12/1/08 10:09 A

On the first day of this fresh new month my appreciations include:
1. Needing to go to the post office with packages and the bank and both really close
2. Full sky blast of sunrise bright orange light
3. Transitioning to Winter weather with ease this year
4. Delightful scent of apples drying filling kitchen
5. Eleven new postings with no mistakes

Noreen I have lit a candle that the tiny opening leads to a flourishing emoticon

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (271,872)
Fitness Minutes: (103,006)
Posts: 11,729
12/1/08 9:23 A

On this snowy first day of December, my gratitude include:
1. My comfy, warm home;
2. Firewood in abundance;
3. Good books;
4. Good friends; and
5. Good health.

Here's to everybody having a wonderful December!


SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
12/1/08 9:12 A

Happiness is not what makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy.
David Steindl-Rast
A Listening Heart

I am grateful for all the things that seem to make my days flow easier...

- learning that sometimes just waiting is better than actively doing something
- a delicious dinner last night, prepared for me, to kick off my "back on the Spark wagon" mission today
- waking up to find my Sweetie-dog by my bed
- finding new clips to make hanging lights on the house MUCH easier
- being able to listen to music while I work


NORLANA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,047)
Posts: 2,480
12/1/08 8:22 A

Today's abundances and blessings include ...

~ the tiniest of openings toward resolving conflict bringing hope today

PUNKYPA Posts: 3,627
12/1/08 8:16 A

Thank God for His infinite gift to mankind, Jesus.

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,376)
Fitness Minutes: (52,878)
Posts: 11,699
12/1/08 5:48 A

Good morning to our fearless leader Rebecca! I'm so glad to be front-and-center here, a part with all of you in this most important spiritual practice.

It's just after 5:00am here at the ashram and in reflecting upon all I have to be grateful for, I recall ~~

~ that every day is a new beginning (and opportunity to be grateful)
~ that, indeed, every moment is a new beginning (and opportunity to be grateful)
~ the many options open to me in living it out
~ the richness and simplicity of the Teachings of Swami Satchidananda
~ the good fortune to be on a spiritual path
~ the company and support of sangha (kindred spirits) during this wonderful stay

Blessed be!

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REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,358)
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11/30/08 8:02 P

Sincere Gratitude Is The Powerful Force Which Opens Doors To Unlimited Abundance and Happiness

"Reflect Each Day On All You Have To Be Grateful For And You Will Receive More To Be Grateful For." -Chuck Danes emoticon
until tomorrow!!

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