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5/13/13 12:08 P

I find it interesting that yoga which is a religious practice has grown legs and become some sort of panacea for all sorts of physical ills and problems. Just as is true with almost all physical training programmes being sold on line and via informercials there is basically nothing new or revolutionary about any of them. Most are simply a reordering or reworking of the same material. Bodyweight exercises and running have been a part of exercise prgrammes since man ceased being exclusively a hunter gatherer and yoga has been the physical expression of a religious practice almost as long.

Bottom line is that any programme works if you work it.There is no magical workout programme the magic is in working one.

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5/13/13 11:00 A

My husband and I have been doing DDP yoga for three weeks now. We have tried other workouts, but have lost interest due to difficulty for beginners and time constraints. DDP yoga is different for us. We do it religiously, following the schedule provided. We haven't gone whole hog on the suggested eating regimen, but we had already started phasing out refined sugars and processed foods and white flour, etc over the past year. That alone dropped 50 lbs from me! I was at a plateau when we started the yoga. I even did 30 day shred and didnt lose a lick of weight! After three weeks of DDP yoga, hubby has lost almost ten lbs, and I've lost 5 (I cook at work, so I tend to nibble.. something I need to nip in the bud). More importantly though, we feel better. Less fatigue, better posture, and with every workout, we feel stronger and we can see clearly how much easier the workouts get for us. The slow burn pushups, which were all but impossible when we started, are still difficult but we can do them now. And we can do this together. We intend to further modify our diet, but so far it is entirely the workout that is making a difference at this time. I am a HUGE believer now! (I was skeptical at first, I will not lie)
My own results aside, it is the transformation of my husband that has me inspired. Only ten pounds down so far (which is nothing to sneeze at), but the effect it has had on his bearing and esteem and energy levels compared to all the other workouts we have tried is astounding.
Sorry for the rambling gushing of testimonial, but this program, while not a miracle, has still been an amazing thing for both of us, and continues to amaze us by showing us what we are capable of achieving from the beginning, instead of starting at the middle and not taking into consideration that a true beginner might not be able to twist like a pretzel or reach their toes like most other workouts.

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2/14/13 11:27 A

I just got it because I was doing weights and I am having too much trouble with my joints. Although I am not following the eating plan I do the yoga and its a workout. So far I like it.

5/22/12 9:53 P

My fiance ordered it for me. They have not come in the mail yet. I went to a link they sent him that we can get beginner video's until ours arrive. I did the first one last night and was sweating like a mule. LOL!

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One of the general problems with any of these things is Cause and Effect. When I started loosing weight I use WW on line just for the points counting. I lost quite a bit of weight with just that and nothing else. I could be an advertisement for Chi Running and weight loss as I went from mid 200 to mid 100 and Chi running has been part of my journey. However, I lost weight by changing many little things and it is difficult to isolate what role each played.

We tend to attribute cause and effect emotionally. Someone said to me, "You must have a great deal of Will Power to have lost all that weight on your own."

Well I am not sure that is the case, and I am not sure that it was as difficult for me to lose the weight as it is for some others who work hard and still struggle to see results.

The tesstimonials for a product are, particularly in the product`s web site or related sites are not balance and don`t necessarily have much to do with the actual facts.

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I wouldn't make any decision on buying something based on a video; while I haven't heard of DDP, it looks like a pretty standard combo power yoga workout. Yoga is, by definition, not a huge calorie burner; while it absolutely has wonderful benefits for your mind, body, AND spirit, it's not going to be as effective as some.

Now, I did watch the video; dude's willpower is incredible. I guarantee you much of his recovery is the weight loss itself. It's incredible, and I do know that yoga has had amazing benefits in my life.

If it looks like a workout you'll stick with, go for it! Don't expect miracles. Arthur's body transformed because of his incredible willpower and persistence. Do you think most people would have continued after those falls?

I think it was as much Arthur's own determination that helped him so much. It does look like something I would be interested in (I'm already a yoga lover) but that's a lot of money for one workout. Just be aware that no workout in the world will help you if you don't straighten out your diet! Weight loss is 80% diet... while exercise makes it vastly easier to create and maintain a deficit without dieting or deprivation, it's not the whole part of the equation. I do notice that this program includes a meal plan and diet information. That's a good thing; it's not going to just be the workout videos, so keep that in mind when ordering.

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5/10/12 11:53 A

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5/10/12 11:04 A

Has anyone heard of DDP Yoga? If so, have you tired it or know anyone who has? What is the story of this awesome workout?

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