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9/20/13 4:00 P

Thank you DIETITIANBECKY I was not aware of this, I only been on this site for almost a month, so still learning so much. Not sure which one is the best one for me.

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9/20/13 3:58 P

Thank you for explaining YOGAGEEK

9/20/13 3:28 P

We have 2 programs here at Sparkpeople to meet individual's needs and wants.

The one program has you "eating back" your exercise calories. This sounds like what you have set up for yourself. This works well for folks who do an extensive amount of exercise daily and/or have a very energy-demanding job.

The other program does not have this direct relationship to immediate exercise. It does factor in exercise, but at a much slower rate. This program works best for most people. You may want to switch to this one.

Hope this helps--
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9/20/13 1:27 P

Your daily calorie intake is based on your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). If you exercise more, your TDEE goes up, so your intake does, too.

Weight loss isn't about sticking to eating X numbers of calories; rather, it's about eating Y number of calories FEWER than you need to maintain your weight. Exercise more, and the number of calories needed to maintain your weight goes up (this would be your TDEE), so your TDEE - Y also goes up.

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9/20/13 1:19 P

If I want to loose weight, why does my daily goal for calories, carbs, increase when I have undertaken more exercise?

Please can the wonderful group of sparkpeople help to explain to a newbie? Thank you emoticon

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