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2/16/15 11:38 P

I'm a cyclist and most of the calorie counters are a guess at most. I have a pretty decent heart rate monitor that shows a calorie count of either 1/2 - 2/3 lower than any estimator. What I would recommend is watching your heart rate on the machine if it has one. I have been spinning at Planet Fitness for about a month now and noticed when I started my heart rate would easily jump from 100 - 125 and then 145 with any kind of effort. I now can ride and can hardly get it up over 125. So if you are trying to track you fitness level that would be a good indicator.

Hope that helps.

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2/4/15 5:56 P

It's very difficult to compare outdoor and indoor speeds.

When cycling outside, wind resistance increases with the cube of your speed - doubling your speed requires 8 times the effort.

This non-linear relationship between speed and energy required is very difficult to replicate on an indoor bike, and while the wheel may be spinning at 20 mph, the effort required is very different to cycling outside at 20 mph.

I'd go with what the calorie tracker on the bike is telling you.


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2/4/15 1:36 P

You can reclassify the activity to see if that helps. If you go to your Tracker page, scroll down to the entry, hover your mouse over it and a "reclassify" button will pop up. You can change it to see if that gives you a more accurate number.

Coach Jen

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2/4/15 11:53 A

Brand new to this so bear with me.
I do a recumbent stationary bike due to bad knees. I noticed that the tracker way over estimated calories for this exercise. I understand that spark estimates on outdoor riding. The questions is how do I edit the entry in fitness tracker?



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6/11/14 12:36 P

The biking speeds in the tracker are based on outdoor biking, so it's likely to overstate the calories you're burning during an indoor workout. Outdoor biking would have differences in terrain, wind resistance, etc. that you don't encounter inside. So I agree that you would probably be better off to use the lower number.

Coach Jen

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6/11/14 9:22 A

Use the lower number. always better to underestimate than overestimate.

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6/11/14 8:58 A

So when I'm at the gym taking a cycling class I'm on a bike that tracks my mileage and calories burned. In an hour I'm hitting 20 miles and roughly 400-450 calories according to the bike but if I input 20mph on the spark fitness tracker for an hour it increases my calorie intake by a ton. Which would you suggest going by?

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