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7/8/14 3:29 P

ITA with adding a fruit and/or vegetable. A small burger and fries might be too small to feel satiated if you are used to a deluxe burger and two sides.

I would also add - order milk instead of water or soda.

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7/8/14 3:26 P

You could also try eating a piece of fruit or some cut up veggies with your fast food so at least you are getting some healthy options in your meal as well.

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7/8/14 3:02 P

I still eat fast food about once a week. Thank goodness for restaurants that publish their nutrition information! A Wendy's baked potato and chili is one of my favorite meals. Also, McD's egg mcmuffin and Dunkin Donuts "smart" turkey sausage egg white wraps are my current favorites. We also eat at Chipotle a lot, which I would consider more upscale fast food.

I think if you don't do it every day and you make sure to be within you calories for that day, it's fine. And, of course, knowing that you are eating a ton of salt so the scale may spike for a day or two until you flush it out.

For me knowing I could fit in the fast food, or if I was in a pinch and starving I could find something to eat at McDs, helps me to not binge.

7/8/14 12:16 P

I'm fast food junkie too. My problem is the convenience of it. Sometimes I can beat it by preparing fruit cups and boiled eggs in single servings for the whole week and planning the meals ahead of time. When I'm not wondering what is for dinner, I have no reason to think of going thru a drive thru.

7/8/14 12:15 P

Sounds like a good plan.
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7/8/14 12:11 P

I am a huge fast food junkie and I have started to realize when I deprive myself of fast food completely I binge and I binge BAD. So I am starting to order the small version of everything. Making sure to take into consideration that just because it's smaller doesn't always mean its better. I am making sure to keep track on my calorie tracker and hold myself accountable.
Today a small fry and a mc chicken.

At one point I would order a full meal AND 2 value sides. no more!

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