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2/23/14 2:46 P

I agree with NSMANN, I wouldn't recommend cutting back your days, it's too easy to wean yourself off going altogether when you start missing days. I would vary the intensity on the days when you're feeling tired and make sure you're getting enough sleep and enough calories daily.

2/23/14 3:19 A

Great Advice thanks everyone :)

NSMANN Posts: 981
2/18/14 11:28 P

Others here have spoken to your physical ability to do the workouts, but I sense what is at work here is a motivation issue. I too tend to run out of steam after about 6 weeks of consistent exercise. It is a pattern and a danger zone for me, so I have to be careful around the 6 weeks mark to nurture my new habit all the more.

Here's what works for me to get myself into the gym. I tell myself I will just do an easy workout (but still put in the full time), just a stroll without really working. Then when I get to the gym, I can do the easy workout if I wish. But more often than not, I will end up pushing myself after a slow start and do a regular intensity workout in the end. Just a little psychological trickery to get me there in the first place helps.

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2/18/14 2:24 P

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If you're going balls to the wall for five days, then yes, you need a rest day in between. I'm talking you get your heart rate up and you keep it up for a solid thirty minutes, so much that you're drenched in sweat, gasping for breath, and have to hobble out the door.

If you're doing a moderate work out, enough that you get a good sweat on but don't feel exhausted when you leave, then five days a week should be fine. I would check with your doctor if this fatigue came on suddenly.

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2/18/14 2:10 P

As others have said, Zorbs asks some good questions. In addition to those questions, how is your iron level? If your iron level is too low, that could be the problem. If there is a Red Cross or Blood Connection or some other place where people can donate platelets or blood, go there and see if they can test your iron level for you. If not, talk to your doctor about checking your iron level.

Like the others have said, if your workouts are intense every single day, that could also be the problem. Try doing an easier day of cardio in between the intense days.

2/18/14 10:33 A

All good points. If you are going hard 5 consecutive days, you're probably at risk for overtraining. Vary your intensity/time and you will notice a difference. Otherwise, try nonconsecutive rest days. I rest on Weds and Sun, but I'm still active on those days. A hike, an easy bike ride, or non competitive tennis, something active for fun but not at all intense. I just like to break a sweat everyday but it doesn't have to hard to be exercise.

Sleep is really important. Also, if I have just one glass of wine, I feel it at the gym the next day. Alcohol and insufficient sleep are like kryptonite for me. :)

2/18/14 10:32 A

ZORBS13 has very good questions, as it's difficult to assess what's going on if we don't know what your workouts consist of, the intensity, what you are eating, how you are sleeping, or other factors like stress and what's going on in your life.

I'm strength training and doing an hour of cardio 2 days a week, and I notice that I'm more tired from that intensity and need to be sure to eat really healthy and nutrient-dense foods after those workouts as well as get good sleep. I also do 2 days of just an hour cardio and 2 days of an hour walk. That hour walk has no impact, meaning I can eat 1200 calories on those days and feel fully energized and like I've gotten enough nutrients. Most days I eat 1500, sometimes even 2000, and I'm actually losing weight more quickly than I expected (I'm 5'10 and losing more than 2 lbs a week most weeks). (Of course, I realize that one will lose weight more quickly at a heavier weight, so if I were at, say 10 lbs from an absolute ideal weight goal like 165 for me personally, I'd probably be more like 1/2 lb loss per week.) I think we might work much harder or eat much less than we actually need to to achieve our goals!

I'm intuiting here, and I sense your workouts are intense and you might not be fueling your body as you need to. It is not uncommon to train too hard and eat too few of calories OR over indulge due to hunger for nutrients and wind up eating even more than the calories you just burned. Both will not give you the results you are wanting.

I would recommend choosing whatever feels best to you (as opposed to choosing from fear or concern). This might mean cutting back on how many days a week your are working out or it might mean doing less intensity or time on your workout days. Be willing to experiement. If you choose what feels good, both for your mind as well as your body, you're more likely to keep doing it!! Maybe start to track what you do and how your energy is and choose those workouts where afterward and/or the next day you feel most energized. Best of luck.

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2/18/14 5:34 A

What are you doing those 5 days? If you have a good mix of easy/hard workouts, 5 days a week shouldn't be a problem. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating quality food?

2/18/14 3:19 A

So I have been back in the gym for a little over a month I have been going 5 days a week and doing really good and seeing great results .
However the past few weeks I have been feeling tired and draggy, I am terrified of stopping because I want this more than anything in the world right now , So I was thinking to cut back to 3 days a week at least for a week or two for the sake of keeping up the habit and not stopping completely but at the same time I feel guilty because I feel like that means I am working my way backwards but still wouldn't that be better than over exhausting myself and completely stopping ?.

I need some rational advise .

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