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1/16/14 2:32 A

CL is okay in moderation, because it does contain artificial sweeteners. Crystal Light carries a PURE line which uses Truvia if that concerns you.

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1/16/14 12:35 A

I like Crystal Light or some of the other brands. Helps me to keep the sugar out of my diet. Everything in moderation-- as long as it's not the only thing you're drinking, and you're also drinking plenty of water, then I feel Crystal Light is fine

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1/15/14 1:01 P

CL emoticon

TUTUNAN Posts: 1,505
1/15/14 12:29 P

We love CL lemonade. We add fresh lemon juice to it which cuts the sweetness some.

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1/15/14 12:20 P

It's just about all me and my family drink. There's some studies that show"fake"sugar makes you crave sugar more... but let's face it... water gets old sometimes. Also....some varieties do have 10 calories per glad....So if you don't all 8 glasses of your water intake in Crystal light that's 80 calories you may not consider. Just a reminder!

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1/15/14 11:10 A

Thank you for replying, Cortney.

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1/15/14 12:22 A

Crystal Light is fine in moderation. Enjoy it

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1/14/14 11:02 P

I love Crystal Light lemonade. Is this an OK drink to have on the SP program? According to the back of the package there's almost nothing in it. I don't know how it can taste so good. I even have a mug of hot CL lemonade, which tastes wonderful on these very cold Midwestern winter days.

I'd appreciate your input.

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