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NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/10/14 6:19 P

I almost relapsed today.. but I chugged a water and held it together.. and took a couple tylenol. Ugh! Day by day!

BLUEJAY1969 Posts: 9,497
8/10/14 3:05 A

Susan - I replaced my couple of sodas a day with Coke with Splenda. Only certain stores carry it and I'm not sure where you are located but it comes in a yellow box with the Coke label on it. Maybe that would help with the headaches.

8/10/14 12:37 A

I've discovered that Smart Water is something I can drink plain. Not sure why but I don't need to put any flavor packets in it like I do with other water. Maybe just a mind game?

Great job on not drinking soda! I need to get back into that routine. I had really backslid in July and it carried over. I'll just put up with the headaches and drink more water!

BLUEJAY1969 Posts: 9,497
8/9/14 8:38 A

Thank you Becky! emoticon

8/9/14 8:29 A

That is a great accomplishment.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

BLUEJAY1969 Posts: 9,497
8/9/14 3:23 A

I use Mio because it is sweetened with sucralose as apposed to aspartame to which I happen to be allergic. I like plain water sometimes but other times I like a little flavor. This is coming off of drinking 6-8 sugared sodas a day so I feel I'm making progress!

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NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/8/14 5:14 P

I found that after drinking tons of water all day then drinking just one packet filled bottle makes me less thirsty for some reason. I'm going to just stick to plain old water..

8/8/14 3:34 P

Orange or lemon slices in water is yummy too.

Often I will make a pot of herbal tea like peppermint, red raspberry leaf or dandelion and cool it and have it iced.

ELENGIL Posts: 957
8/8/14 3:13 P

Ways to add flavor to water:

a squirt of lemon or lime juice
slices of cucumber
a few berries or chunks of watermelon
a tea bag (even cold water can be infused with a subtle flavor of herbal teas)

For a bigger impact, kombucha is generally very low in sugar because it is consumed in the fermentation process. Home-made lemonade or iced tea sweetened with a touch of honey can be just fine because you can control the amount you add.

All the best!

WEWRTFO Posts: 193
8/8/14 2:24 P

If artificial sweeteners do not cause hunger issues, it should be no problem. In my case it's a huge problem and is imperative to avoid. Consuming added sugar or artificial sweeteners will cause the taste buds to naturally crave sweetened water with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Once I choose to avoid all artificial sweeteners and most added sugar, I craved water 10 x more than I ever enjoyed diet soda. Sweetened water, drinks and soda all taste yukky now and could never imagine wanting to go back. Its all relative to how much added sugar and artificial sweeteners you have in food will dictate how much you like sugar or sweetened drinks compared to water. I used to be that person that could not drink water, now I can not imagine anything else but.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 13,413
8/8/14 11:00 A

I can look at a bottle of water all day and maybe take a couple little sips....If I add some Crystal light I chug it down. So as far as I'm concerned if adding a little water enhancer is what it takes for me to enjoy and actually drink my water than so be it.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,309
8/8/14 6:14 A

Mostly, I drink plain ol' water. Sometimes though I want something with some flavor to it. And I'll either squeeze in some lemon or lime wedges... or I might use some Crystal Light. I've found though that since I drink so much plain water... a whole packet of Crystal Light is too much for me. So I use maybe 1/3 of one, and just flavor that water a bit. Someone had brought some of those Mio things to work (to share) and I liked those, since you can add however many drops you like & because it's liquid, it mixes in easier.

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/7/14 10:46 P

Thank you both for your input! :) I am going to try using fresh fruit and if I get too strong of a craving just use the sweeteners. :)

8/7/14 8:32 P

Research shows that artificial sweeteners are not bad for you. They have been extensively tested.
The do not increase food cravings, or food intake, or calorie intake.
These sweeteners have not been shown to cause cancer, or diabetes, or all the other crazy info that you find on internet sites.

In fact the latest research shows that they may help with sugar cravings.
And they can be beneficial to weight loss when used in place of sugary drinks, etc.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (85,026)
Fitness Minutes: (67,234)
Posts: 5,113
8/7/14 8:31 P

I use them on an occasional basis, and haven't noted any negative issues. I do have one friend though who cannot use: something in the mix raises her blood pressure??!!

I do wish all these drink flavor mixes would axe out the food coloring--LOL--makes a mess when you mix or spill them!!

Have you tried just slicing up a lemon or lime, using one or two squeezed slices/24 oz & adding just a bit of sugar? That's actually my favorite!! :)

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/7/14 8:12 P

I am trying very hard to just strictly drink water.. and so far I'm doing okay, but every now and then I crave something with a little more flavor. Are these flavor packets bad for you? There are mixed reviews when I google them.

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