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8/1/13 11:55 A

Thanks for the ideas. If I had access to the equipment at the gym when I wanted it, I could do a full body strength routine in about 40 minutes but apparently the squat rack is a popular thing at 630 in the morning emoticon so I've been doing dedicated upper body and lower body days 2x a week and not really getting in a long cardio session.

At home, I'd be limited to bodyweight only since I don't have the room/floors to support heavy weights (woot for historic row houses).

I also should have mentioned that I'm generally ok with working out in the morning and fencing in the evening. Yes, I can feel the fact that I worked out in the morning when I fence, but as long as it wasn't a dedicated leg day the performance losses are generally acceptable.

I'm liking your first idea with the following modifications:
M: Strength
T: Cardio/plyometrics (morning) and Fencing (evening)
W: rest or bodyweight exercises depending on how I feel
Th: long cardio
F: Strength

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8/1/13 10:55 A

M: cardio & strength
T: Fencing (evening)
W rest
Th: long cardio
F: cardio & strength

M: long cardio OR cardio & strength
T: cardio & strength OR long cardio
W Fencing (evening)
Th rest
F: cardio & strength

M: cardio & strength
T: long cardio
W cardio & strength
Th Fencing (evening)
F rest [i don't recommend this schedule because you'll have 3 days off in a row]

it may be easier to break up your strength, but i don't know how long it takes you to do your full routine.

also, what about strength training at home some nights in the evenings?

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8/1/13 8:36 A

This is what I want to do in a week: 2-3 full body strength sessions, 2-3 cardio sessions (at least one is a long run since I want to get to a sub 1 hour 10k), 1 fencing session.

Limitations are: fencing can only happen Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings. Other workouts happen in the morning. Assume the morning after fencing is a rest day. Weekends are out since my schedule is too unpredictable. I can spend 1 hour max at the gym in the mornings and evening workouts don't really work for me.

Alright Spark People, what have you got?

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