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8/16/13 12:12 P

I've done some crossfit routines as part of my own exercise program in past. So, I do feel that crossfit does have a lot to offer and I have recommended it. HOWEVER, I also feel some people (not everyone) does take it a wee bit too seriously.

I too have a trainer friend who's just gone crossfit insane. He does look down his nose at everyone else's strength training program. tells them that crossfit is the only worthwhile way to exercise. That's all he talks about... crossfit... crossfit... crossfit.

And I have an another instructor friend who was also crossfit insane. Loved it. Did it two times a week for months on top of teaching classes. Couldn't rave enough about how wonderful crossfit was. Couldn't wait until her next crossfit workout. She finally had to stop because of a hip injury that refused to heal. She's acting normal again. LOL !

I do feel some people are taking crossfit a bit too seriously. Yes, be passionate about something, but don't be obnoxious.

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8/16/13 11:45 A

This sounds like lots of communication problems to me. You post stuff they don't like, they tell you, you call them haters. You don't say anything about things you don't like and they keep posting it. Hrm.

My opinion, create groups or circles on your social sites and include folks with similar interest to those groups. Another option (which I do personally) ... create a blog around your crossfittings and invite people from your box to read about it. Also, if a friend decides they're interested in crossfit, send them to your blog.

I do not Facebook, Twitter, etc for the exact reasons you mention. I really don't care about someone's daily nonsense, whether it's crossfitting or their kids. If something truly important comes up, I'm very accessible.

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8/16/13 11:42 A

I think anytime you talk about one.thing.over.and.over with someone that doesn't share the same excitement it gets annoying. Especially when they ignore cues of "I don't really want to talk about X" and keep saying "but seriously, isn't my workout/activist group/baby the greatest thing ever?!??!?"

There are some friends that I can talk about my weight loss and eating habits and workout with, and some that don't care, and I would be rude to keep talking to them about something they can't stand to talk about. Make some friends in your Crossfit class and they'll easily share your excitement!

8/16/13 11:34 A

well, I have a couple of friends who look down on my crossfitting, but post daily the "whoa is me" stuff and I have never looked down on them...

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8/16/13 8:43 A

No kidding- I have a couple of cross fit friends who talk about it incessantly, and look down scornfully at anything I do, or anyone else I know, does, if it is not cross fit.....

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8/16/13 8:37 A

Ya, it's a bad thing. I have friends that crossfit and some don't shut up about it. I've had more people try to get me to join their "box" than have tried to get me to go to church. It's bordering on cultish and becomes very annoying.

Just be considerate of your friend's wishes or like you said, consider finding new friends. There is nothing wrong with having some crossfit friends. Talk crossfit with them and spare the other friends.

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8/16/13 7:09 A

If you click on Community at the top of the page and go to SparkTeams, you can do a search for teams on this topic.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

8/16/13 6:54 A

But is that a bad thing?

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8/16/13 6:47 A

I feel like crossfit is the opposite of fight club. "How do you know someone does cross fit? Oh don't worry, they'll be sure to tell you about it every chance they get."

8/16/13 6:41 A

Seen the movie Fight Club? The first rule of Fight Club, we don't talk about fight club. Kinda feels like that might be the only way to keep some friends when it comes to crossfit. I started at a box near me a few weeks ago and I'm completely LOVING it! But whenever I want to share my excitement, it seems a lot of my friends really don't want to hear... I don't get it. I don't tell anyone I'm not interested when they want to share details of their lives... Maybe I just need new friends? haha
Anyways, I searched "crossfit" in the message boards and the newest post was like March, so I thought a new topic might be in order? All you crossfit lovers, are you with me? I tried my first benchmark workout on Wed and I just wanted to say... WOOT!!! I didn't die!! A scaled down version of Fran with #55 thrusters and a band to help with the pull-ups, but finished in 6:44 :D I'll take it!

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