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9/10/13 4:47 P

Go to a crossfit gym that has an introduction program (not just a class). There are some complex lifts involved in crossfit and you will hurt yourself if you don't do them right. Crossfit is fun and a good workout but you need to know your limits and when to do a modified version of a movement, a good gym with work with you. I know a few people who have gained weight when they started Crossfit because they weren't watching what they were eating. It will burn calories but an hour of good cardio will burn more than an hour of Crossfit.

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9/10/13 12:52 P

I went to my first Cross fit training class this past Saturday and because I am a Senior, they modified the weight and reps for me and modified activities for my arthritic knees. Well, I was sore all over on Sunday but by Monday I felt fantastic. I went back this morning and finished the entire training session, with a workout created just for me by the trainer. I continued sweating an hour after the workout!

My fellow "athletes" were very supportive and did not make me feel intimidated at all by my lack of prowess and my age. For me, it is the best thing my Y could have added! The trainers are just that - well trained - and they handled my inabilities with tact and encouragement.

This was the first of 12 training classes to show me the proper ways to make Crossfit work for me and not against me.

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7/16/13 9:01 A

Thank you ladies so much for this information. My gut was telling me that this might be too extreme for my liking. I like lifting weights and walking/running but I have no delusions of becoming a high performance athlete. I want to get fit and strong but I think I can do that with the current methods.

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7/16/13 5:02 A

Make sure you are already fit and learn the proper techniques. I wasn't fit enough and it nearly killed me the first time I tried. Am working up to joining again....

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7/16/13 3:44 A

I've seen a lot of people injured through Crossfit, so this advice is good advice...learn proper technique before diving in.

I've tried it, but it wasn't for me...too extreme and too many competitive people involved for my, I have no time for the Paleo diet which all Crossfit junkies eventually adopt as part of their regime.

But the people who love it, really love it, so give it a go and see if it works for you...

Good luck!

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7/15/13 3:20 P

Make sure you go to an actual Crossfit box. As a beginner you'll be required to take foundations classes to learn the movements before you can move onto the general classes. Be prepared to be completely dead (muscle-wise) after a class. A friend of mine is fairly fit (finished a tough mudder and does Insanity on a regular basis) but is still in the process of training in order to start Crossfit. That being said, you'll have a ton of fun if you don't go in with high expectations of yourself.

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7/15/13 2:39 P


I'm interested in crossfit but am a bit intimidated. I do like weight training and do the Jilian Michaels 30DS and a few other videos (but not as regularly as I should--getting back on schedule now).

Anyone do this regularly? Advice? Stories? Is it good for weight loss and busting through a plateau? Thank you!

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