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3/10/12 9:01 A

I have a friend who's a personal trainer say that when people do that giant set the reps aren't always done in one effort. That said I am currently modifying this to my liking and capability, most likely half of the suggested weights the first time I do it.

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3/10/12 6:24 A

Thanks, Zorbs. My husband explained it to me, and I went, "duh". I knew exactly what it was, just not what it was called!

I am seriously trying to think of a way to incorporate this into my workout once a week. Obviously, there's no way I'd come close to those weights. I definitely think I'd keep it much lighter, but just to do the set 2 or 3 times, even at lower weights, would be a great workout, I think.

3/10/12 6:06 A

yeah, I'm pretty confident she just may know what she's doing. That said I would like to think anyone who would want to do that giant set would be smart enough to know that they need to smart about the weight.

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3/9/12 11:17 P

Heavy weight and lots of reps (not to mention how quickly she's trying to accomplish them) just sounds like an injury waiting to happen.

The arched back is seen a lot in powerlifting, too. It helps the lifter get to a higher weight. You just need to touch your chest, so arching your back is one way that they can decrease the range of motion... in a sense, if the weight is too heavy for you to bring down to your chest, then bring your chest closer to the bar. There's been some people who have pulled really heavy weight this way... and it's also been a big complaint amongst people competing in powerlifting competitions who don't want that to be seen as a legit way to bench press...

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3/9/12 10:55 P

Keep it real- she is a IFBB model.. this is not a ordinary workout for the average person off the street with very little experience..

Have a spotter whom can remind you to hold form.. These exercises do have more rules than most others at the gym.. Never ever use large amounts of weight and ask the spotter to not shout at you- seen people loss concentration and loss it.. And never dump the weight down like she does at the end of clean and jerk- she is so bend over one day she may be unlucky and something in her back could say smack if she is really unlucky..

She is cheating to get some of the reps done to gain muscle.. Never compromise form for the amount of weight.. Muscles develope best with perfect form..

I am old school when I see new people come and retire regularly- safety before ego..

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3/9/12 6:43 P

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
3/9/12 6:14 P

Zorbs, I wondered about her back coming off the bench like that, I thought maybe it was common with heavier weight since I can't lift that heavy. I have not tried push presses, I'm not sure what that is, to be honest, I'm new to the weights thing. I am off to do some Googling.

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3/9/12 5:09 P

@JenMC have you utilized push presses to help you press heavier weights?

edited to add: is that how figure people bench and do squats?

Her back is arching terribly off the bench, and her squats are like 1/4 depth and doesn't even get full hip extension at the top of the movement.

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
3/9/12 4:04 P

That sounds brutal! I cannot bench my body weight, but I am working towards that goal. (Well, my first goal is to be able to bench, squat and deadlift 100 pounds.) I have never tried to squat my bodyweight because the barbell and weight set that I currently own only goes up to 110. But, I can squat 110 for about 6 reps for 3 sets I think it was last time I did it. I also cannot clean and press half my weight. I am at 40 pounds right now. I can get 50 to my chest, but I have a hard time getting it pressed over my head. I did do, what I have been told is called (by some) "The Grace" this morning, 30 clean and press for time, 40 pounds at 3 minutes, 41 seconds. (Last week's time was 4 minutes, 11 seconds.) Maybe I should build a goal toward trying this "Giant Set", with weights more tailored to what I can do right now. I would love to build to that and be able to be that powerful.

One question on the rest, I would be getting rest in between exercises, wouldn't I, by the time I got the bar off the rack for bench, adjusted the rack for squats and changed the weights for clean and press? But, I guess if I'm moving, adjusting things, it's not really rest, huh? (I haven't watched the video yet.)

Watched the video, like I thought, she's in a gym, I just have a bench and weights in my basement, so no ease of movement from exercise to exercise for me. I'm still totally intruiged, though. She is very, very impressive! I am just amazed.

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3/9/12 1:55 P

It's a Giant Set of
20 reps Bench (bodyweight)
20 Reps Squat (bodyweight)
20 Reps Clean & press (half bodyweight)
2 minutes rest then repeat two more times.


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