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2/1/14 4:35 A

Read the book "Wheat Belly" and you will be well on your way to reducing and eventually eliminating those cravings.

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1/31/14 9:15 A

Boredom eating can happen, I do push ups when I want to eat and then drink a full 8oz glass of water. A lot of time I find I'm just looking for something to do and or thirsty, so this method helps a lot. If push ups aren't you thing or you can't do then, try going for a short walk while sipping some water from you favorite to go bottle.

Cravings often happen because we have trained our brains to know that certain things are appealing, alos the chemicals is certain processed foods increas cravings. If you are cleaning your diet you will find your cravings are going to pop up. You must endure and do other things. In time they will go away entirely. Just keep on working out and staying the course and you will be ok.

1/31/14 8:14 A

How do you not give into your cravings? What do you do if your not hungry, but want to eat anyways?

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