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7/21/14 1:04 P

I am new on here. Last week was my first week, but I agree. I have tried this so many times and didn't eat my favorites which only led to me binging on them later and then giving up. This time last week I still allowed myself to eat our Friday night pizza. I put it into my day on Monday and was able to build the rest of my day off of that. I felt fine and stopped after my 2 pieces instead of having the 3 or 4 I would have had. I think next week I will try 1 piece and a salad.

Don't deprive yourself of your favorites. Just portion control.

LIZ0515 Posts: 346
7/19/14 6:04 P

I agree with ARCHIMEDESII...

All of my weight loss attempts in the past that cut out my favorite foods Failed..dramatically compared to what I'm doing now. I have never lost 70 pounds before, but now twice a month my family and I have Donuts & Pizza Friday. I actually get full on 1-2 slices of pizza now and 5 slices were my usual before the weight loss. It keeps me in check. Seriously.

I felt bad at first until I realized..I didn't gain weight from it..just simply a little water weight from the salt intake. The next day the oatmeal, raw foods, apples, and grapes tasted even better.

Don't self-sabotage..just rethink food and treat yourself once in a while.

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I can't imagine living a life where I wasn't allowed to eat something because I was worried I'd gain weight. That's not healthy. A slice of pizza, brownie, beer, chips, etc.... CAN all be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you are mindful of the portion size. I ate pizza as I lost weight and I still eat pizza. I just don't eat an entire pan by myself anymore. I'll have a slice or two and that's enough.

Now, what to do late at night ? If you didn't eat enough during the day, then you must have something ready to eat at night. Don't starve your body of the calories it needs to be healthy. If you don't want to end up ravenous in the evening, then you need to do your best to eat healthfully during the day.

Not sure what you did last night, but for future late night cravings, make sure you have plenty of healthy snack options in the house. Even a half a sandwich would be a perfectly healthy late night snack if you didn't eat enough during the day.

I've found that people who skip meals in an effort to be "good" end up eating anything that isn't nailed down later. try to eat at regular intervals so that you aren't hungry later. Try to eat foods that are high in fiber. Eating high fiber foods (like fresh fruit and veggies) help keep us full for longer. Eat a carb with a protein. Have a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

This is what I've learned from my own years of yo yo dieting. It's not the carbs that made us fat, it's the crap.

AZRIDERS Posts: 215
7/19/14 1:27 P

Hi there, I always crave pizza when I need carbs too. There are some great SparkPeople recipes for low cal pizza here. Maybe you can make one of these and save a ton of calories.

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7/19/14 1:19 P


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7/19/14 4:07 A

If you haven't eaten enough today, maybe a piece of fruit or another healthy snack will curb the cravings. Or maybe you could plan to make a pizza from scratch tomorrow. That way you get pizza, but have total control over the ingredients.

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7/19/14 2:24 A

My GAWD, I just want pizza! I really didn't eat enough today and now it's 12:16am and I can't help but crave carbs. MMMMM....grilled cheese....NO! Stop it!
I don't know if I'm actually hungry or because it was a habit to order Pizza late on a Friday, or if there is an emotion that I need to deal with. I've definitely well hydrated.

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