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5/13/13 11:22 P

Also, Kirby, you didn't specify. I eat baked potatoes with dinner often. I buy a bag of potatoes (to save money obviously)...and when you get a potato craving, they AREN'T that bad in calories. A medium idaho russet is approx 110ISH calories. What I do is stab it like...3-4x on each side. Wash it. Microwave it wrapped in a papertowel for 4 minutes...turn the oven on to 425....douse both sizes on a small baking sheet (or in my case a bread pan), lined with tin foil. Toss it in the oven for 30 minutes...take it out, flip it over, spray the opposite side with the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray....and after another 30 min of it in the oven, not only is the outside crispy, but it's DELICIOUS. You're guilt-free pretty much because the butter is 0 calorie and tastes just like real butter. Try it! I hope that helps. :)

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5/13/13 11:00 P

Also, I have a 24oz water bottle I regularly bring with me...for "sleepovers", work, school, etc. I FORCE down 64+oz of water a day, even if I'm not thirsty. I use to need to drink allllll the time...but now since I've drastically cut down my salt-intake....I don't have a real "need" to satiate my thirst. It makes you filled up. I don't think one glass of water cuts it to be honest.

Also, if you really want a tasty snack...I REALLY love the Green Giant (I think it's that...maybe it's another big-name veggie brand)...broccoli and cheese or cauliflower and cheese steamer bags. They are AMAZING. You can even eat the entire bag and not feel guilty about it because it's approx 150 calories for the whole thing. The cauliflower one is SUPER cheesey...course, you have the enjoy veggies. I'm a BIG cheese fanatic (true Wisconsinite over here!!!) and so this REALLY helps me out. String cheese is also a wonderful snack too. :)

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5/13/13 10:56 P

Kirby - I find things are really tough on my period craving-wise. That's why...when ovulation and period weeks roll around and I get the tough cravings...I reach for fat-free pringles if I want some chips. They're low in calorie too (15 chips for 70 calories for the sour cream and onion - can't remember what original is, but can't be too different) and they're REALLY good. As far as chocolate, I don't really crave it that much. But when I want to ignore my cravings altogether to be healthier - I'll watch my favorite tv shows from the DVR, call up my grandparents, surf the web, hang out with my bestie, etc.

Also, another thing that really helps is if I DO go for junk food - I TRACK IT...and look over the calories I put into my body. Visually looking back over what I've ingested will often make me feel upset with myself enough to want anymore later. Food is an addiction to me and I want to make this as painless as possible for me to work through.

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5/13/13 7:43 A

I drink a glass of water, just to make sure that it isn't because I am just thirsty - if that doesn't work, I find that having just a LITTLE bit of what I am graving helps - otherwise I start munching on everything else.

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5/13/13 2:17 A

Some days are easier than others to ignore cravings. Days when I feel more motivated are days that are easier to ignore them, or I just don't get as much of a "crave". I'm not aware of having cravings at work either.

Trying to ignore food cravings has been harder for me than giving up smoking. After about 20 years of smoking I decided to stop and simply didn't smoke anymore (cold turkey). The nicotine cravings lasted a few days and that was it. With food it's harder - it tastes better than cigarettes and we need to eat.

As others have said - try distractions. Also, remember the saying "everything in moderation". You don't have to avoid those things completely, small amounts will fit into your daily nutrition when planned (unless you're a cant stop once you've started person?)

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5/12/13 8:11 P

I benefited greatly from removing grains (especially flours) and sugar from my diet. Steady blood glucose is key (for me).

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5/12/13 7:24 P

I've also noticed when I exercise, my hunger goes away too! I just steer clear of those types of food.. they are MAJOR triggers for me!

5/12/13 12:18 A

Exercising is the best way I have found to curb a craving. Once you go through all that hard work, you really don't want to ruin it :)

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5/12/13 12:16 A

Thanks. that's what I try to do, or I'll sit here and drink a TON of water instead to fill up on that.

5/12/13 12:14 A

I find distraction is the best.
go out, read a really good book, don't watch TV with commercials (just remind you of all those foods with barcodes that you want), go for a walk, talk on the phone, watch a very interesting movie, work out -- just don't get bored ...

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5/11/13 11:58 P

I crave chocolate, potatoes, chips, pretty much everything but I try not to buy these things, which can be difficult because my boyfriend is not worried about his weight so he doesn't care. (Which is why he's not allowed to go shopping with me). How do you curb the cravings? Do I just ignore them?

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