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12/14/13 8:28 A

Without knowing your workout routine, looking at your weight and the amount of calories you're taking in, I doubt you're eating enough. If you're getting PHYSICAL hunger (not the emotional-I'm bored-I-wanna-eat kind of hunger) you're body is begging you for food. It is highly important to fuel your body properly and make sure you're eating ENOUGH!

Make sure your macros are in check and you're eating a balanced amount of food. But I suspect you're not eating enough to fuel your body properly. I am 5'7 and weigh 167 and on a non-exercise day I eat a minimum of1800 calories. On an active day, I eat upwards of around 2000-2200.

The best course of action is to figure out your TDEE and subtract 500 calories from that. It will give you the best outcome for sustainable weight loss. There are a number of calculators that can help you determine that (I prefer Health-Calc).

Diets that suggest you eat too little or eliminate food groups all together are recipes for disaster. They're not sustainable. The best coursse of action is to put into place an eating and exercise plan that fuels you properly (calories) and allows for a sustainable weight loss.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/14/13 8:01 A

Read Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, and learn exactly why you are having these cravings, and what you can do about them. For low fat dieters these cravings are normal, and they try to trick themselves into ignoring them, but they aren't normal. You shouldn't have cravings.. ever. It is the sign of a problem with your diet.

I eat chicken daily fried in olive oil, and love it. The problem is the breading. Get rid of cravings, and you will be able to control what you eat with ease. If this is of interest to you, a copy can most likely be found in your public library.

Good luck beating your cravings whatever plan you use.

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12/13/13 3:22 P

Hi, I understand what you are going trough, sometimes I have insomnia and sleep until really late, also, I have really big cravings from time to time and THATS NORMAL, remember that this is a lifestyle change, don't go for the all or nothing mentality, that will only give you more cravings and you might end up having a BIG binge (my personal problem).
So, for the night hunger this is what usually works for me:
1. If I have dinner at 8 and then I go to sleep at 2 am, there are 6 hours in between! Of course you are going to be hungry, so:
-Have a small snack that includes protein every 3 - 4 hours: greek yogurt with half a banana, 1 whole wheat toast with a small piece of cheese, etc. You can add this calories to the next day calories range if you are going to sleep till late, if not, try to cut back 100- 200 cals during your day and eat them in this form during those late night hours.
2. About the cravings:
- As I said, they are natural, and only with some time you will lear to postpone them, try this:
If you want chocolate, eat it with a cup of fruit (like strawberries) and small portion of protein (like yogurt), that will fill you more and you won't have the sugar spike that comes after eating sweets (which will make you eat more sweets).

Hope this helps


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12/13/13 11:48 A

Cravings can mean you're lacking something, but not usually. Unless you are craving things you don't usually crave, it's just wanting to eat delicious deep fried goodness. You could try making your own healthier versions of things (shake and bake chicken breast for example instead of deep fried chicken), or like some others said, fibre is your friend, make sure you eat enough at supper.

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
12/13/13 11:03 A

I believe cravings mean something is lacking in your diet. Maybe add more protein?? Are you eating enough?

DOTBVAR Posts: 152
12/13/13 10:54 A

Thank God, Cravings have been minimal. I think this is in large part because I now have a full refrigerator with lots of nutritious choices. So I'm not desperate for food or feeling deprived. Feels good. And I've been packing my lunch with two snacks. So far it has worked out.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/4/13 10:14 A

For the extreme hunger, make sure your trackers are properly set for the amount of exercise you do so that you know for sure how many calories you can consume. Try nutrient dence foods like green leafy veggies for snacks. I know broccoli (raw or roasted) can really help me feel full. Also fibrours fruits like apples and pears often do as well. Make sure you're not avoiding fats and get enough protein.

As for the cravings, can you let yourself have a little chocolate, or will than make you eat the whole bar? I know a lot of people sweat by eating one square of chocolate a day, but I often have a problem stopping at one square. For the fried chicken, will a substitute work? You can make your own. I've seen kits (I think by Kraft) in the case next to the cheese that is breading for chicken that isn't super calorie laden. You could divide it into servings and make one serving and bake it. You could also create your own with bread crumbs or panko and bake in the oven. Or fry on the stove top in light oil. Just be mindful of portion sizes, use only the breast (try making it with skinless breasts, too) and add a load of veggies on the side.

1/4/13 10:03 A

Can you save enough calories for an evening snack? A 100-calorie package of microwave popcorn might help. For dinner, I would eat a lot of fiber and protein and drink a lot of water. (Example: big salad and a baked chicken breast and a large glass of water.) If you're full of healthy food, it's easier to avoid cravings.

Dark chocolate is good for you, but of course only if you eat it in moderation. If you're a person who can eat one piece of chocolate, I would go ahead and indulge that craving. Fried chicken, not so much. :)

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1/4/13 9:39 A

I've having major fried chicken and chocolate cravings and what doesn't help is that at night I get extremely hungry (because I don't go to bed until 2:30) .. it's awful and I fight the urge but believe me I've come close to giving in .. what can I do to combat these cravings? and to deal with my extreme hunger ?

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