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7/15/13 8:15 A

I found a chart on GNC's website listing certain micro nutrients that you may be lacking depend on what you're craving. Unfortunately, I don't have the link anymore but it is posted on my page in a blog entitled "opinions needed" if you want to take a look. I haven't verified any of the claims so please do your own research but it may be a good starting point.

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7/15/13 7:53 A

Thanks for the advice everyone!

SPARK_COACH_JEN - I'm going to check out that article and try and put some good habits in to practice!

SUNSHINE6442 - I get your point about the insulin factor with carbs. But I do make sure that healthy fats are part of my diet- avocados, nuts, oily fish and lean chicken are all part of what I eat on a weekly basis! And I try to stick to low- GI carbs and whole grains... despite my cravings calling for otherwise!

NIRERIN- some of those suggestions sound absolutely delicious! thank you so much for the tips! I love vegetables so it's great that they fill me up so well without me having to resort to the bad carbs!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
7/15/13 7:44 A

for me, the most filling foods are carbs. potatoes are my go to. 100 g of raw potato is just under 100 cals. pair that with a cup of broccoli [30 -50 cals depending] that's steamed and a little cheese and that fills me up like nothing else can. for under 200 cals. the other thing that i have come across lately is greens and grits. i use about 2 Tablespoons of grits [80 cals, i use the jim dandy brand], 1/2 cup almond milk [i buy unsweetened plain, but that's just because it's what i like] and a little bit of bullion [better than bullion or vogue vegbase] for flavor. mix in steamed greens [collards, mustard greens, kale works well here] and any other vegetables you like. i did peppers and yellow squash last week, this week is mushrooms and i did cauliflower and mushrooms the week before the peppers and squash. it's filling and savory and carby, but it's also got a lot of good for me stuff in it.

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7/15/13 7:24 A

Salt addiction may cause food cravings. Insulin is the hormone that tells the body to store fat.
The more insulin you have, the more fat is stored and the more weight you gain.
Eating fat does not lead to an increased blood glucose. so the insulin levels are also maintained. Add some healthy fats to your diet like salmon, herring,sardines, black olives, olive oil, etc....basically omega-3 fatty acids

When you resort to a low fat diet with heavy carbs your body goes into fat building and not fat burning. Reduce starch and sugar from which insulin is made.

Hope this can check with your medical professional for guidance...

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,768
7/15/13 7:20 A

I think these kinds of cravings are fairly common, so I don't think they are happening because you're falling short on any specific nutrients. (Anything is possible, but probably not likely.) Here's an article about dealing with cravings that you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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7/15/13 6:42 A

Hi All,

So I'm officially one week binge free- I'm feeling very pleased with myself. I think being more mindful and engaged with my thought process has really been helping!

One thing I have noticed more is the nature of my cravings.Aside from when I am hormonal (like now!!) I tend not to crave sweet, chocolate-y things- which, on the one hand, is great!
What I *do* tend to crave is stodgy, carb-high foods; soft, doughy foods that fill me up fast and are, by and large, savoury.

I'm not on a low carb kick as they totally don't work for me- I feel unsatisfied after eating and tend to feel quite weak and faint after a while. I do eat whole grains; brown rice, cous cous, wholewheat bread & pasta... that kind of thing. So, I don't think I crave stodge because I'm depriving myself.

Anyone else have these kinds of cravings? How do you deal with them without going crazy and shovelling bread for days on end? Also- are savoury carb cravings ever indicative of anything I might be missing from my diet or anything like that?

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