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11/27/12 6:35 P

Great ideas!
Im going to have to try those dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

I too have HUGE chocolate cravings especially at particular times of the month. I like chocolate dusted almonds, they are made by Emerald and are in the nut section. They are delicious and you can eat 23 in a serving so you feel like you are eating more that if you just had a small fun size candy bar.

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11/26/12 8:33 P

Chocolate actually tastes better when you have small amounts and savor it!

JHISEROTE SparkPoints: (8,887)
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11/26/12 6:59 P

Me too, me too...I buy one of those large dark chocolate bars and break off one piece every 1-2 days and just let it melt in my mouth. Love it! It just hits the spot!

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11/26/12 6:34 P

They're good!! I just had a couple of them a few minutes ago, in fact. I'll never buy Reese's again.

11/26/12 3:31 P

i like to have a trader joe close to me yummy

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11/26/12 2:42 P

At Trader Joe's yesterday I saw a small bag of dark chocolate peanut butter cups (and reese's peanut butter cups used to be my WEAKNESS). 3 pieces are only 180 calories. I managed to only eat one last night. Also bought an 88% cocoa organic dark chocolate bar. It's huge, and half of it is 210 calories. I eat a fourth of it at a time. There are ways to sneak chocolate in there. Dark chocolate is actually good for you!

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11/26/12 12:34 P

Chocolate LOVER here...switched from milk chocolate to dark.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
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11/26/12 11:21 A

I'm joining the chorus here....I have chocolate nearly every day, too.
Deprivation always leads to unleashing my inner 2-yr-old in a tantrum frenzy (never a good thing!).

Think of it this way: you are practicing to be "normal" and normal people eat chocolate. Chocolate is normal! Eating ten servings in one sitting or even one day? Not so much. I suspect that's what you fear might happen. It rarely, if ever, will once you start getting the whole 'moderation' thing.

One doesn't just flip a switch and embrace this lifestyle change; at least for me, I had had to learn it and that meant practice, practice, practice - just like w/ any other skill.

Don't fear the chocolate. In fact, be creative and find new doable ways to enjoy it! One of my faves: dip sliced apples, pears or asian pears in high quality cocoa. Yum! Or add an Atkins peanut but butter cup to oatmeal and melt it in...mmmmm!

Good luck. You got this!!

HAPPYDEM SparkPoints: (4,408)
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11/26/12 9:36 A

I'm going to piggyback what others have said. DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! It'll just make you discouraged, frustrated, and more likely to give up. Don't give up! I have chocolate almost every day. I have peanut butter every day (my particular craving). Fit small amounts of whatever it is you want into your day. A small amount of just about anything is okay if the rest of your food choices are healthy.

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11/24/12 6:02 A


Spark People has never been about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. Chocolate, brownies, fries, soda, etc... CAN all be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you watch your portion size. I can't imagine living a life where I wasn't allowed to eat something because I was worried I'd gain weight. that's not healthy. All things in moderation.

If you'd like a couple of pieces of chocolate. Have them. But, don't inhale them like a Hoover. Take the time to sit and savor the flavor so that you don't feel deprived and need to have more. That's a problem I see with many people. They eat so fast that they don't have a change to taste their food. Try slowing down as you eat that chocolate. You may end up feeling more satisfied.

And if you aren't satisfied, it makes me wonder what you've been eating during the day. Are you eating enough ? Not eating enough will cause a person to take a nose dive into sugary treats for that quick energy rush. So, do make sure you're eating plenty of healthy foods that nourish your body.

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11/24/12 1:21 A

My suggestion is this - have ONE or TWO pieces then put the packet away.

Take your time to smell it, the take a little nibble. Savor the flavour, roll it around in your mouth and take in it all in - the smell, the taste, the texture. Swallow it, then take another little nibble and repeat.

Sometimes this is all that it takes. Deprivation will actually derail you, so if you find that you "need" it, particularly at certain times of the month, give yourself permission to have a small bit. Don't go buying big bars because then the temptation is too great for it all to go straight down the hatch. If you have just a little bit, then once it is gone, it's gone. It is best to get the good dark chocolate - the stuff with the fairly high coco %.

I allow for this sort of thing in my diet (and by diet I mean nutrition rather than "*A* Diet!" Most of the time I can't be bothered with it, tho', and this often happens if we don't forbid a special treat.

Good luck,

ANDIBG Posts: 228
11/23/12 11:14 P

I have two pieces of advice:

1) Hang in there. It does get better. I promise.

2) Keep a stash of dark chocolate! I have serious chocolate cravings...and dark chocolate is yummy and is actually good for you! :)

If all else fails, one piece of chocolate won't kill you and it is ok to treat yourself every now and then! Otherwise, this lifestyle change you're making will not stick. This journey is not all about deprivation.

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11/23/12 10:37 P

Okay, I haven't had the healthiest day anyway (although still just about in my daily calorie allowance), but I really want to eat chocolate right now! its just downstairs (i live in a shared house so cant just get rid of it).
I'm not hungry and don't need it and know I will feel guilty if I eat it.

This kind of craving happens quite a lot and I usually give in.
Any words of encouragement for me??

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