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STREAKFREAK Posts: 1,177
3/5/11 7:44 A

Go eat some hot wings! Just get one order, share it with a buddy or two, decide how many wings you will eat ahead of time, and log it in your nutrition tracker.
"All-or-nothing" thinking is going to set you up for a setback. Satisfy yourself and use good management to stay on track.


JESSBLUE22 Posts: 22
3/5/11 2:36 A

If you're ok with soy products, Morningstar makes veggie hot wings. I enjoy them in moderation with laughing cow bleu cheese and celery. If you cut everything up, spread the cheese, and put everything else in a wrap, you can use less "wings." The downside is both the 'wings' and the cheese are high in sodium.

If that's not your thing, I bet wings aren't so bad for you if you peel off the skin. Good luck.

INFANTRYWIFE01 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 89
3/4/11 11:17 P

Hot sauce isn't all that bad for you. It does tend to have some butter in it, but overall fairly low cal considering you don't need a lot of it. It's the wings that will get you. If I'm craving hot wings (my favorite food) I grill some chicken, slice it, and coat it in a little of the Frank's Wing Sauce and put it over a salad. That way I get my fix without the guilt

NEW_ME_FOREVER Posts: 5,579
3/3/11 12:44 P

Omg! I never knew so many people crave hot wings! Lol. What about subway has a buffalo chicken sub! OMG i will definitely be trying that. Thanks for your help everyone

SHYTOWNGAL SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 14
3/1/11 11:55 P

I have this all the time:

(note, I crave the blue cheese and hot sauce more than the chicken)

I cut up celery, spread laughing cow blue cheese on the centers and dip in hot sauce. Works for me and only about 50 calories total!

JACKSMIMI2 Posts: 676
3/1/11 7:03 P

That's why I love this site - the alternatives are amazing... I jumped in to give you some support...but will end up making the boneless chicken breast/hot sauce instead :-)

...but I think the most important take away - we can have anything we want as long as it is in moderation!

LITTLE1DER Posts: 934
3/1/11 4:29 P

I have a good poppers alt too...
Half and seed your peppers
mix 4 oz FF or LF Cream cheese, 1/4 cup low fat cheddar (shredded), a dash of cumin and powdered garlic
Fill your peppers
Beat and egg white till stiff dunk in peppers
roll in crushed corn flakes and bake until golden
Serve with salsa...
I think it makes 8 or 12 (4-6 whole peppers) they come out to 25 cal each or good!

LITTLE1DER Posts: 934
3/1/11 4:22 P

Take a look at the bottles...many store bought wing sauces are fat free...a little high in sodium but very low in calories

I use sliced chicken breast or tenders, dredge them in egg white and use crushed corn flakes to coat and bake them then drizzle them with the sauce
you can also marinate the chicken in the sauce, skip the egg white, roll in flakes and bake them for a double punch of spice.
I have also skipped the flakes all together; I love this chicken on a salad and use a little of the wing sauce, FF italian dressing and top with real blue or feta cheese crumbles.
Grill/broil your chicken breast and make a hot wing burger...use the flat bun or wrap of choice, add lettuce, tomato and onion, top with blue cheese crumbles and hot wing sauce...

Dipping sauce:
1Tbs FF ranch dressing
1Tbs Greek yogurt
1/2Tbs Blue cheese or Feta
1/2 green onion (sliced thin)
1/3 of a stalk of celery chopped super fine

My mouth is watering...

3/1/11 1:11 P

OMG, I was in the exact same boat. Chicken wings are my biggest temptation and something I crave rather frequently. I've found that it's not really the wings I crave but the sauce.

The place I go to for wings makes grilled chicken strips that you can get with wing sauce. Throw that over a side salad and you're good to go.

Calms the craving and doesn't destroy your calorie budget.

NEW_ME_FOREVER Posts: 5,579
2/22/11 11:02 A

Wow thanks everyone I will try alternative, modification, and moderation.

ABBYGAL Posts: 1,016
2/20/11 1:32 P

This may sound crazy... but I use celery sticks and make a dip of tabasco and 0 cal 0 fat walden farms blue cheeze dressing to dip them in. Or you can spread just a little low fat dressing on each celery and a few drops of tabasco. It works in a pinch and you don't have to make chicken or have extra protein calories if you've already eaten your meals for the day. emoticon

2/20/11 12:49 P

There's tons of healthy versions on spark recipes and i'm sure they will be delicious. So go check some out and make them for dinner. Don't forget to track it! ;)

ZUGASAURUS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,534)
Posts: 264
2/20/11 12:23 P

I love chicken wings but I know I shouldn't have them if I want to lose weight. What I do is throw some boneless skinless chicken breasts in a nonstick pan and coat them with hot sauce. All the flavor is there, but there are a lot less calories. I do a few breasts at once so I can add it to salads and stuff throughout the week.

Also, if you want blue cheese dressing, I find a good trick is to put a tablespoon in a little cup and just dip your fork in it before you pick up the chicken. You end up with a minimal amount of dressing but you get it in every bite!

LIORAA Posts: 77
2/20/11 2:01 A

I agree with the baked chicken wings (or even chicken fingers, just sliced breast dipped in crumbs then baked) with hot sauce.

Use Frank's Red Hot, like they use on real chicken wings. DON'T mix it with melted butter, like they do on real chicken wings.

NOEL_OR Posts: 130
2/20/11 1:58 A

If you're craving them, I'd make some. Just figure them into your calories for the day. Baked chicken wings with hot sauce - doesn't even sound too unhealthy. :)

MIKCHER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,401)
Posts: 456
2/19/11 11:47 P

Plan it into your day, and enjoy them and move on.

I don't eat hot wings, but I did have my fav. the other night (Jalepeno poppers) heavy on calories, but with a light day, not too bad! I stayed within my calorie range on the low end, and my low end is 1200.!

REBECCAS23 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,131)
Posts: 145
2/19/11 11:07 P

You could also intive a few friend out to dinner and ask if they would be willing to share one plate. That way, you still get to satisfy your craving, but without consuming too many on your own.

ZSAZSAJANNY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,162)
Posts: 1,412
2/19/11 9:04 P

I'm with Judahsmommy2.

I had an email the other day from SP telling me about the recipe for Chef Meg's hot wings. I'm not a 'wing' eater but I remember getting the recipe. It was probably mailed out to us due to it being Super Bowl season down there in the US.

Good Luck!

SMILES4383 Posts: 16,130
2/19/11 9:00 P

Check them out on the Nutritional Tracker.

Determine the nutrient content and decide what you really want to do.

There are a few wings recipes in the recipe section - and always check out Chef Meg's alternatives.


2/19/11 8:59 P

I believe that chef Meg has a boneless hot wings recipe make over. Her ideas are usually delicious. Check out They may have some good options.

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
2/19/11 8:38 P

I'd go with grilled chicken (or even cooked in a pan with some olive oil) with hot sauce.

There's a boneless hot wing recipe on Spark. I see it every once in awhile on the suggested recipe.

If you don't think that will do then how about planning your day tomorrow around 6 of them. That way you are not acting on impulse and can be mindful of eating something you enjoy. Have lower calorie meals throughout the day and then enjoy wings for dinner.

2/19/11 8:31 P

I love Trader Joe's Chickenless Nuggets with Crystal Louisiana Hot Sauce on them, and that gives me the basic components that I want in a hot wing. I've also cubed up boneless skinless chicken thighs, sauteed them in a little butter, and then doused in hot sauce.

If the Blue Cheese dressing component is really important, try just a few crumbles of plain blue cheese.

Don't forget lots and lots of celery sticks!


KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5,261
2/19/11 7:25 A

Last night I made my boyfriend fried chicken fingers dredged in hot sauce so they were basically spicy boneless buffalo wings.

For me, I grilled my chicken breast in a pan, sliced it up, but it back in the pan, and then added a tablespoon of hot sauce to coat it all. We both had buffalo chicken, but mine was grilled instead of fried. I put mine on top of baby spinach and added a drizzle of bleu cheese dressing and it was an easy lower-calorie alternative to wings!

SMASH637 Posts: 392
2/18/11 10:20 P

I don't ever do well when I deprive myself of something I'm really craving. All that happens is that I "eat around" the craving until I end up giving in to it. :) My advice, if you want hot wings, have hot wings, but remember, the last bite tastes exactly the same as the first, so no need to overdo it.

2/18/11 9:24 P

In a situation like that one, I'd probably just eat a spoonful of hot sauce. It's low-calorie, and after that you'd either satisfy the craving for spicy or else make it completely impossible to taste/want to eat anything else for the rest of the night. : )

MICHELEA145 Posts: 47
2/18/11 8:40 P

Try to distract yourself the best you can. I'm craving donuts right now, and I'm staying as far away from the kitchen as possible, got changed into my p.j.'s so I don't go out to the store to get them, and am just all over Spark People looking for encouragement to get me through it.

I don't know if this is much of a help but I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. emoticon

NEW_ME_FOREVER Posts: 5,579
2/18/11 8:08 P

I want to eat some hot wings so bad. Is there an alternative?

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