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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
10/15/13 6:55 P

" You don't crave vegetables, or meat, or mayonnaise, do you?"

Actually - I do!!! My most compelling cravings tend to be for protein and/or fat... peanut butter is one thing I sometimes crave rather strongly... my biggest nemesis though, is the fat that I'm supposed to be trimming off my pork chop or steak.... the skin off the bbq chicken... the crackling off a roasting ham.... oh dear heaven above, just typing this paragraph has triggered my salivary response lol!!! I usually deal with these moments by just saying "oh heck, eat the darn strip of fat and just count it and be done with it already." Though this isn't a suitable approach when facing down a full size rotisserie chicken... that's too much chicken skin to justify lol, so, instead I will plan on serving myself the wing-and-drum (even though they are ever so much fattier than the plain-boneless-skinless-breast), and the rest of the skin i just close my eyes and drop in the waste bin before i lose my resolve. For dealing with peanut butter cravings, I serve out one tablespoon in a cute little bowl, along with a stack of apple slices. By the time i'm done slicing and serving and dipping and crunching and licking the last gram of pb from the bowl, I'm under control and able to pass the fridge without pulling the jar out for another spoonful.

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10/15/13 5:25 P

I think you're overgeneralizing a bit from your own experience. I have personally experienced huge cravings for non-carb or non-primarily carb things. The one that comes most vividly to mind is the couple of weeks last January that I spent wanting a specific egg and sausage sandwich every single day. (And no, it was not the hard roll I was wanting; I had plenty of bread at home and no interest in it. I wanted the sausage and egg. In retrospect I think it was triggered either by being low on iron or "low" on fat compared to what I had been eating previously; it went away after a couple of weeks.)

Now all of that said, I do believe very strongly that the body does adjust itself to what you are feeding it, and want more of the same. So if specific foods are giving trouble with cravings or overeating, the most straightforward way to get rid of the problem is simply to stop eating those things for a while. It may well turn out you can add them back in later in small amounts or only as rare indulgences; or you may even be able to keep them in your diet in that fashion from the get-go. (And you may find out after a while that you no longer want them, at all.) But expecting to keep them around in significant quantities and not continue to want them too often and too much -- I don't think that's entirely realistic for a lot of people.

Everybody knows what the worst offenders are; it's no great mystery. Most of them mix salt, starch and fat in various proportions. Baked goods, ice cream, chips, and so on. Some people, like Russell, may also have issues with the starchier vegetables, like potatoes, or with bread, or something else. But for a lot of us those things are not issues and just being able to redefine yourself as someone who doesn't have junk food regularly is enough to do the trick.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
10/15/13 4:19 P

I don't eat foods that cause these cravings. If you ate low carb, you would never have cravings, which are caused by certain types of carbs. Most of the foods you should be avoiding are the foods you crave.. sweets, processed foods, corn, peas, pasta/rice, bread, potatoes, and cereal/oatmeal are all possibilities.

Craving food isn't natural. It is a reaction to the carbs you are eating. You don't crave vegetables, or meat, or mayonnaise, do you? Of course not. These foods don't cause cravings. Stop and think of any craving you have ever had, and it will be some form of carbohydrate. A big one is sugar. We have milk for breakfast ( which has 13 g of sugar per cup ), and next thing we know, we want a candy bar at lunch. For me, I would eat pasta, and then binge at Taco Bell, with Pepsi, and sweets, like ice cream. Getting rid of the carbs that caused these cravings, eliminates cravings, and allows you to eat the proper amount of calories and lose weight easily. These cravings are why people overeat, and by identifying just the few foods that are a problem, you can enjoy the rest of the foods, including many carbs.

Have you tried chocolate without added sugar? Many times we find that we crave the sugar/milk in chocolate, and not the actual chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually not that bad for you, and is less likely to cause cravings.

Hope you find a way to get rid of those cravings completely. Good Luck.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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10/15/13 9:15 A

Definitely have to have some go-to healthy treats for when cravings hit! Or sometimes I do give in to the craving (2 weeks ago I wanted ice cream SO badly and put off getting it for days and still wanted it, so I went and got what I wanted) and I'll indulge, but it isn't an every day occurrence.

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10/15/13 8:27 A

I found a recipe on Pintrest for bananna "smores." It was awesome and definately cured multiple cravings. You split a bananna, spinkle mini-chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows in the middle. Put them in foil. Scrunch the foil so that the banannas do not fall over. Put them in the oven until it metls and enjoy!

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
10/15/13 8:23 A

I was craving chocolate all weekend long. When I get cravings if I don't give into them then I eat a lot of other stuff that I shouldn't be eating. So I drizzled a banana with chocolate sauce. Little to no fat and cured the chocolate craving!

What do you do to bust cravings?

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