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SKEETYR Posts: 42
4/5/12 8:05 A

Hey-I think DNS pretty much nailed it on top of the head-but just to add. I recently have begun the C25K program and occasionally get the same thing. I looked it up online and found a bunch of info saying that its usually caused by shallow breathing. So try to focus on your breathing and taking deep enough breaths. The basic idea is that your normal breath is great when you aren't exercising, but when you are your body needs more air and a side stitch it is telling you that you aren't breathing deeply enough to get it the air it needs.

I've been really focusing on breathing while running and it's made the side stitches go away almost completely! If I do feel one coming on, I can recognize "oh I'm not breathing deeply enough"-take some deep breaths-and fight off the cramp. Hope this helps!

DNS9264 Posts: 240
4/5/12 7:45 A

Side stitches are actually pretty common in new runners. It all relates to your diapraghm. Just like other muscles in your body, these muscles have to adjust to the new exercise routine as well. The cramping is caused by exerting yourself more than you are used to and demanding your body to pump more oxygen.

So what do you do? You practice breathing from your belly, rather than just shallow breaths. Also, keep training, working on posture, especially on hilly terrain, which can be a major source of side stitch pain. And if you do get a cramp while running, you can purse your lips and exhale to relieve pressure, putting your hand over the area.

The big thing is to not let this stop you. It is a completely normal thing for a new runner who is pushing his/herself to improve his/her physical fitness. Just like your other muscles, your diapraghm will build up and pretty soon, those pains will be a thing of the past.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your 5k! I still remember the excitement of running my first one, and my only warning is they can get kind of addicting! :-) Anyways, just keep going and I'm sure you'll do awesome!

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4/5/12 7:07 A

Cramps are not a normal part of running for everyone. You do not say much about your running experience or how you have done with the C25K program. What other factors may be playing into your cramping. Time of month, illness, eating, etc. Was there anything different about yesterday or yesterdays run. Further, faster. etc?

4/5/12 6:23 A

I am trying to complete the C25K program to prepare for a race coming up in late May. Yesterday while running I got cramps on the right side of my abs. I continued to finish my workout but this morning I am still a little crampy. Is this normal? And how do I prevent side cramps when I run?

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