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1/2/12 10:17 A

Thanks everyone! It feels so good to be reassured on this. It doesn't cause any kind of pain. Just annoying, oh well! Good luck to everyone on reaching their goals in 2012!!!


12/31/11 3:06 P

Those popping noises rank right along with cracking your knuckles as far as importance and significance. The theory is that it is nitrogen bubbles in the bursa of the joints moving inside the bursa.

It tends to be self limiting.

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12/31/11 1:41 P

I have the same thing, as do many people I know. In my case it's just knee crepitus.

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12/31/11 1:39 P

Lots of people have joints that crack and pop. As long as there is no pain or discomfort associated with it, you should be okay. If you're worried about your hip, I'd ask the doc about it just to be safe. I wouldn't be surprised if they give you the same response that it's not something to be concerned about, but it never hurts to ask.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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12/31/11 12:03 P

I have just started exercising again. My right knee makes loud cracking sounds during certain motions. This happens even when I go up stairs or especially during squat type moves. It doesn't hurt at all and I've told the doctor about it. She says if it doesn't hurt that I should just ignore it. Does anyone know anything about this? It gives me a kind of aversion to doing anything when it makes that noise and I usually cut it short.

Also, the hip makes a popping noise during certain moves. I don't know my terminology, but it feels/sounds like a ligament sliding around a bone and then popping around the side maybe. I can't pinpoint the exact place. This also doesn't hurt, but it is so unsettling I don't want to do the moves when that happens. I did a really good workout in the video section on this website that worked my abs great and I loved. It was called "12 Minute Pilates Abs Workout." Especially when I did the scissor move with the legs while lying down, my hip makes a really loud noise! It's a shame because I really like that exercise. :(

If anyone can tell me what this is or whether I should be concerned or not, I would really appreciate it. I didn't know if the doctor was brushing me off, or whether it is really no problem. I'm 30 something and have never had any serious problems with my joints, but I did run long distance in my younger years. I am just beginning my exercise program again and I want to get the most out of it without hurting myself, of course!

Thank you so much for reading.

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