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12/16/12 1:22 A

Thank you so much, Coach Nancy! That helps tremendously.

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12/15/12 6:43 P

Hi Silly,

Below is a link to SparkPeople's Ask the Experts response to this question. I hope this helps! Remember activity is one thing, but exercise is something else.

Coach Nancy

SILLYDUCKMOOSE SparkPoints: (805)
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12/15/12 6:29 P

Hey, everyone. I'm new at this sort of thing but I had a question about fitness and working out. While I know it's not an excuse for a workout or anything of that nature but at my job as a courtesy clerk/bagger at a busy grocery store I'm always lifting somewhat heavy things like bags of dog food, bags of can goods, etc. I'm also pushing in grocery carts (5-6 at a time) at a slight incline for at least an hour each day I work which is quite an ordeal for me being a weakling that I am when it comes to strength. I'm always out of breath during my cart hours so I know I'm getting my heart beating pretty fast. I just don't know how to classify this as a fitness workout. I'm only part time so I don't work every single day so I know on my other days I need to hit the treadmill and what have you. I hope this makes sense and any input received is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

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