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3/14/13 1:06 P

What is most effective is what you will continue doing for the rest of your life. :-) I personally love numbers and calculations (majored in math and work in analytics now) so calorie (and anythng else I can track and make graphs of) counting is the best option for me. However, there are some people who hate math and having to do any would cause them to hate the diet and dread tracking. Those people benefit from other methods like carb counting, weight watchers points system, exchanges, etc.

3/14/13 12:54 P

Like the others said, everyone's going to be different and different tactics will work for different people. There's no right, overall answer. My solution, personally, is calorie counting. I'm not one to restrict ANYTHING from my diet, but you won't find me eating everything & anything all the time. Telling myself I can never have chocolate cake again is not how I want to live. I do limit my sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar intake though. So, if that chocolate cake doesn't fit into my added sugar goal, then I won't have it.

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3/14/13 12:50 P

Your best bet is to find a style of eating that you can maintain long term. That's how you take weight off, but also keep it off for good. Just keep that in mind whatever you decide.

Coach Jen

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3/14/13 12:36 P

restrictive diets never worked for me. I wouldn't want to live the rest of my life not being able to eat this or that. I would just say to watch your overall calorie intake and try to make 80% of your diet healthy and slurge on the other 20%.

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3/14/13 12:32 P

On this message board you will get tons of different answers. I count serving sizes and that works for me because I don't get triggered by counting calories.

If you have been successful with counting calories then do that!

My advise would be not to compare yourself to your friend or not go on the same plan. Also, before you start your weight loss journey with her, decide on the terms.

My friends and I go to the gym and eat out all the time. We are all on different plans and it works because we decided not to talk about food and weight.

3/14/13 11:51 A

I've recently started a weight loss journey with my friend. I have in the past always been successful counting calories but she likes to count carbs. I tried low carb for one day and I couldn't stand not being able to even eat fruit. I felt so restricted and like one mistake blew everything. But what do you like to do better? Which do you think is more effective?

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