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6/20/13 12:01 P

I tried a Richard Simmons product years ago -- similar to the food mover, where you moved cards with certain food groups from slots on one side of a small binder to the other side of the binder as you ate throughout the day. You could vary the amount of cards you used depending upon how much you weighed and how much you wanted to lose. At the time, I thought it was a great product, but it ended up taking up more of my time than I wanted because I was constantly having to look up foods I could eat that would correspond with the cards. I stuffed it away in a closet somewhere. SP is so much faster to log foods in on the Nutrition Tracker, and once you get a list of Favorites going, it's even quicker to log your foods. I love that SP calculates everything for you and that you can see a report at the end of your day. SP is also easier to plan ahead on. Added plus is that they have a application you can load on your phone to log foods (making less to carry around with you).

I'm not sure about the new Richard products, but to me, anything besides fad diets and other unordinary ways of losing weight is worth a try. Different things work for different people. As long as you feel that the plan has to do with healthy eating and it doesn't complicate life for you (meaning that you don't have to go buy crazy foods that you normally don't use or can only find in specialty shops or only use part of before the rest rots), I'd go for it. If it proves that you tire of it eventually, and before things get out of hand, switch to another plan. One of the keys is consistency. We've all heard the saying "if it doesn't work, try, try again."

Best of luck to you.


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6/19/13 9:07 P

Has anybody used the FoodMover by Richard SImmons...It's a simple concept, but I wonder if anybody had results with it, or were their results better with counting calories. It is kind of the same concept except your closing windows on certain food groups with the food mover. Any suggestions are appreciated! I am desperate, and need to find something that works!

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