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12/2/11 7:59 P

Sorry, I just had to post.

I'm not old enough to fit into the "cougar" category, but I've been to the gym and seen them in action. Where I live, they're not that big of a problem; they flirt, they watch the guys, one may go around and admire a weight-lifter's muscles. They're pretty harmless.

Most of them flaunt what they've got (mini-shorts in this weather?!), but then, a lot of the men do too. I can't count the times when a man approached me just to let me know that he could bench x amount, and then there're the guys who ask me towel them off after a work-out because they "can't reach" their backs properly.

Haha! Chewed gum on a toothpick...I know that type well.

JOHNNYP12 Posts: 71
11/30/11 6:42 P

In my gym there are cougars that are well behaved but still flaunt it because they love the attention. They know what they're doing, the rest of us guys thinking about horizontal physical training. Then there's some that just look weird with all that plastic surgery, looking like a piece of chewing gum on a toothpick.

TRYING16 Posts: 112
11/29/11 3:25 P

Ok... wow a massage therapist! Ya you better watch your back. My younger and less wiser friend is a trainer. And yes he finds out that alot of them want horizontal physical training ;)
And like a dummy he Sh!ts where he eats... Its caused him some trouble, be careful

DEORWYNN Posts: 150
11/25/11 10:26 A

Oh god! Now you've got me terrified. I'm the new Massage Therapist at a new gym... I can't wait to start getting cougars on the table. :(

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
11/18/11 7:30 A

a few of them at my gym, are major distraction they got it and flaunt it, I'm so happy!
but for the most part they behave, darn!

EIRE32 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/18/11 12:15 A

Not really any of the above. I joined the park district gym. It's affordable and only 4 blocks from my house so it's very convenient. I think the affordable part is the reason that the only girls/women that are there are either 19 or 20 years old or in their late 50's to early 60's so the cougar factor is pretty much non existent.

X5X52000 Posts: 6,016
11/8/11 6:11 P

its a motivator for me lol

RGRJOE175 Posts: 469
11/8/11 3:26 P

Yep, they are there and on the prowl. I was pushed out of the way by one this weekend so she could get closer to my 25 year old this weekend. He is in fantastic shape and I noticed quite a few trying to get up close and personal....LOL. His new nickname is raw meat.

He told me, it is worse on the week days.

TRYING16 Posts: 112
11/8/11 2:28 P

Thanks. Glad you like the topic. When I first went to the gym I thought the place was going to be all 20 somethings, but I found that some of the most inshape and energetic people at the gym are the women 40 and up.
I find they can motivate and are always quick with positive wit but man are they an assertive flirty bunch too, thats why I offer the distraction choice as well. I've been approached, whistled at, and asked out and they say the men are bad....
On top of that they have their own weight room at my gym but use the coed section or ask to work right in... gotta love the revolution :)

11/8/11 2:03 P

I look but that's all.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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11/8/11 2:00 P

hahaha ... I don't work out at a gym, so I don't have an opinion. I just wanted to say great topic and I look forward to the responses.

TRYING16 Posts: 112
11/8/11 12:36 P

Friend, foe, distraction, nuisance, motivator???? Whats your take/experience?

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