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1/19/12 4:30 P

Those Spartan races sound so fun! I'm going to see if there are any in my area...

Good luck!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,547
1/19/12 12:34 P

HITMAN, I see you posted in August, so I hope u r still working on your goal.

BTHOMPSON04 SparkPoints: (5,795)
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1/17/12 1:28 P

Just a few things to note coming from someone who has competed in the races:

1) Congratulations, first of all, for signing up. We (being myself, fiancee, and sister's fiance) did a Sprint and a Super last year and are signed up for four events (two Sprints, a Super, and a Beast) this year.

2) You'll get a finisher medal (plus a t-shirt and a banana) as long as you make it to the finish line.

3) The top three spots are incredibly difficult to crack. One individual, Hobie Call, has won just about every Spartan Race (excluding the Death Race) there is. He's breezing through these courses at a 6:30-7:30 minute mile pace, which includes clearing the obstacles.

Like someone above said, it's good to have goals, but the first goal should be to finish the race. We've started a medal collection along with our times so that we can try to get better in subsequent years. I'd highly recommend doing a LOT of running to prepare, as that's what most of the course entails. Running in mud is an entirely different obstacle than on pavement/asphalt/treadmill, so try to get yourself mentally (and physically) ready for the fact that you're sinking in when you step down and then it feels like the earth is clutching and grabbing your feet as you try to pull back up.

Still, I'm glad to see you're taking it seriously. The Sprints are definitely the easiest of the Spartan Races, but still are no joke. Best of luck to you.

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8/11/11 10:20 A

Lets not forget that your gf ALSO wants to do the spartan sprint! :) And I know that you can get down to 185!...Screw the 200 mark go right for the 185..You have been doing good so far! I love you and keep up the good work! :) emoticon emoticon emoticon

ACCTGMAMA SparkPoints: (18,992)
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8/8/11 11:43 P

Go for it as long as you are not hurting yourself!

HITMAN71485 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/8/11 10:01 A

Thanks for the support guys. I dont think im "over-goaling" Ive done this weight loss program before and lost 100 lbs in just over 7 months and when i did that i was 50 pounds heavier in my starting weight than i was this time. That Spartan Sprint is basically a 5K with obstacles, so if I can get to my goal weight of 185 (or even down to 200) i think i should have no problem completing that race. As far as finishing in the top 3, well im VERY competative so not placing in the medals is not an option lol,

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,547
8/7/11 11:49 P

Don't "over goal" so you miss the mark. Take on what you reasonably can accomplish. If not in a year then in two.
Researchers found that people who worked out for five months ran a 1/2 marathon and did as well as those who did 9 months and got to a full marathon.

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8/7/11 9:40 P

I read your post. Wow, what a challenge, however I'm not a mud girl. I'd rather take my chances with sweat. Anyway, Good Luck with your challenge. May God Bless You and keep
you safe. emoticon emoticon

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8/7/11 1:32 P

So on August 1st i was 285 lbs of sweet couch potato. My plan for summer of 2012 is to be entered in (and hopefully place top 3) in the spartan sprint. I have added a link above for anyone who hasn't heard of this event. Heres the description the site gives on the race:

"Spartan Sprints are muddy 3+- mile events with 10 or more obstacles. The challenging sprint races are a great way to get off your couch and start living. Beginners to hardcore warriors, and marathon runners alike come out to test themselves on the insane obstacles! This 5k race is comprised of mud runs, obstacles, trail racing, physical challeneges and mental challenges all in a 3mi race. 99.9% of all people who try this event will finish, and 100% will have their thirst for mud fully satisfied! Top 3 Males and top 3 Females at each Spartan Sprint qualify for a free entry into a Super Spartan of his or her choice."

My eventual plan is to work my way up to the "Spartan Death Race" but you have to start somewhere and this looks like the perfect place. Throughout my weight loss i will be entering in different walk and runs of different distances, with hopes of running a 5K by early spring to prep for the obstacle course included in the spartan race. If all goes as planned I will be in the "Super Spartan" which is the race after the sprint, then the following year will be the death race! Less than 10% of people finish the "Death Race" and i am tryin to be in that elite group..

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