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7/29/14 12:23 P

Congratulations on setting that goal for yourself. It's great that your daughter can ride her bike with you while you build up to your 3.1 mile run. I think that if people can train on a treadmill, jogging in place can't be terrible to helping you stay on pace. Most of these programs are 5 weeks or sometimes up to 8 weeks. Can you ask a neighbor to watch her while you work out or can you swap with a mom from her school (you will keep her child for an hour while she works out or grocery shops and she can keep your daughter for an hour while you exercise)?

Good luck!

7/29/14 11:15 A

Yikes. I think if you've never run a race before, you *really* need to get that run time in. It's a very different feeling of being on the road than marching in place. You also need those long runs to monitor how you feel going up hills, seeing if there is any joint pain or soreness you need to address, running in the elements, etc.

I don't want to use the word 'bribe', but... could you entice your daughter by planning your route to pass by a frozen yogurt shop? If she comes with you she can cheer you on and get a small frozen yogurt? Or something of the like? I know I probably shouldn't be telling you to reward your child with sweets, on a Spark People message board of all things, but, she's getting her exercise in too!

Best of luck!

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7/28/14 9:08 P

I am doing the couch 2 5K program with full motivation to run my first 5K this fall. I started week 1 going strong, with my daughter cheering me on and riding her bike with me (she is 5), and now just finished week 2. But now my daughter has lost interest in joining me. Being a single parent, I can't leave without her, so i have resorted to doing a marching/jogging in place. Do you think this is 'cheating' or as effective? I still feel my muscles working, and I am getting my HR up (not as high, but still raised)... I just really want to stay on track with being able to run a 5K this fall- I have never been a runner, and I am excited to try...

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