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MUM-BUM Posts: 644
1/5/10 2:42 P

I love cottage cheese, but I am really picky. The only kind I will eat is the breakstones in the snack pack. The same fat level in the regular containers is different, it is creamier and has larger curds.
I like to eat with season salt on it. My favorite is with sliced garden fresh tomatoes - but obviously this is not the right time of year.
The other thing I do is whole grain toast with jelly and then add a little cottage cheese on top. very tasty.

1/5/10 2:41 P

it never occurred to me to eat it as a salty snack, i will def have to try that. i'm thinking it would be sooo good with a couple lowfat triscuits and tomato. mmm.

i usually eat it with fruit but i LOVE it with jello. i always stick to the lowfat varieties that are drier. breakstones is my fave. the overly creamy cottage cheese grosses me out.

QCESCADA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,097)
Posts: 1,300
1/5/10 2:33 P

I've never tried cottage cheese. I would like to do so but it just does not seem appealing AT ALL.

SUKALE Posts: 275
1/5/10 1:45 P

I am not too crazy about cottage cheese, but I used to hate it. The only way I can eat is to make a parfait with it. I put a layer of sugar free jello then cottage cheese then jello again the top it with cool whip.

MISSAILEEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,105)
Posts: 148
1/5/10 12:28 P

I eat cottage cheese because it has a decent amount of protein in it! I usually eat it plain, on a bagel or piece of toast. I don't really like it any other way.

ANEWMELI Posts: 822
1/5/10 10:39 A

I did a SparkPeople search on cottage cheese, and there are lots of other message boards where people have made their recommendations about cottage cheese. The ones I have tried and liked are:

- sprinkle some garlic powder and fresh ground black pepper (from a grinder) into the cottage cheese, and eat it as a dip (I like it with baked wheat thins or with baked tortilla chips)

- I used cottage cheese in a vegetarian burrito. I take a whole wheat tortilla, put some black beans, cooked spinach, brown rice, and cottage cheese in it, then put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until it is warm.

- I found a recipe on SparkPeople that came from the South Beach diet that I really liked as well. You can make a lot of changes to this recipe depending on what you have available at home when you decide to make it...
I left out the pimentos, bell peppers, mozzarella, and ricotta because I didn't have it at home, and it still turned out excellent.

These are a couple ways I've used cottage cheese, and I've realized that I like the salty varieties more than the sweet ones.

1/5/10 10:31 A

This might sound weird but try it before you decide it is gross :) Cottage Cheese, sprinkle with raspberry or strawberry jello, with some splenda, and whipped cream. I think it is great :)
The only way I like it with just pepper or plain is if you buy the fit active kind in individual little cartons, it is 2% with fiber and really good!!

IRIE_KEY Posts: 1,261
1/5/10 10:25 A

I like it plain with ground fresh pepper or as an ingredient in dishes like stuffed shells, lasagna or quiche. For lunch sometimes I mix it with tuna, carrot shreds, grape tomatoes and pistachios. It is also good as a dip with plain yogurt and seasonings.

1/5/10 10:22 A

Wish I could help, but I really can't stomach cottage cheese.

SATTUA Posts: 557
1/5/10 10:20 A

I like it much much better when I eat it as a salty food, rather than with sweet stuff. Usually I add lots of black pepper to it, then scoop it up with baked corn chips.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (327,371)
Fitness Minutes: (95,770)
Posts: 22,165
1/5/10 4:57 A

I make a pretend sort of coronation chicken, in fact, its lunch today.

Cottage cheese, curry powder, peach chunks, poached chicken....normally raisins and almonds, but today I having sunflower seeds instead.

-STINA- Posts: 729
1/5/10 1:05 A

A little bit of garlic powder and pepper tastes pretty good, surprisingly to me. I also love curry so I tried putting curry powder in it and it was really tasty!

1/5/10 12:56 A

Some of my favs are with pineapple, whip cream, mandarin oranges,tomatoes. I like cottage cheese any way.

MEXIFRO33 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,418)
Posts: 434
1/4/10 11:52 P

I LOOOOOVE cottage cheese. I stick to 2% cottage cheese and I usually eat it as a snack by dipping triscuit or triscuit thins into it and eating it just like that.

The saltiness of the cheese and crackers totally works for me.

CRAZYKEWL Posts: 557
1/4/10 10:56 P

Im starting to wish I liked cottage cheese.

Truth is, I havent had it in years and cant even remember what it tastes like!

1/4/10 10:50 P

Salsa, Mrs.Dash (or some other seasoning blend, just not a super salty one), salt (LOL, before I realized how bad it was for me I used to salt my salted cottage cheese!), broiled on toast with cinnamon and sugar, with tuna (yes, I know, most people think it's nasty but I used to love it), in/on potatoes (especially baked and topped with broccoli), in pancakes (see sparkrecipes!), in lieu of ricotta cheese on lasagna, pasta bakes, etc.,with jam, blended into soups, in crepes (blintzes), in scrambled eggs (you have to cook them longer but it makes them really creamy)...oh, and I guess you could eat it plain too, lol.

There is tons of stuff you can do with it. Just do a sparkrecipes search for cottage cheese and see if anything catches your fancy. :)

FITCHICK89 Posts: 126
1/4/10 10:01 P

I eat it plain because I ADORE cottage cheese.

But, it tastes great with some cinnamon and canned pumpkin added in

MOLLYA332233 Posts: 4
1/4/10 7:05 P

Im trying to start to eat cottage cheese as a snack, or possible meal, but the only way i know to eat it is with fruit!!!

Do you guys have any interesting and yummy recipies to make with cottage cheese?

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