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5/20/10 10:40 P

I'm pretty sure it's a REALLY big bonus from what Spark estimates for yoga. I think spark estimates for a pretty low key yoga session.

Corepower, if you're in the C-2 class- is hot yoga. I think hot yoga burns more like 600-900 for 60 minutes or 800-1200 for 90 minutes. I looked this up and the closest I found was for bikram yoga- which from what I understand is pretty close to a corepower session.

When i used the spark estimate it said about 200 calories for an hour of yoga- and after sweating as much as I did, and working as hard as I did- I'm dang sure it was way more than 200 cals!

Best of luck to you!

MMBRUNT Posts: 37
1/20/10 12:20 P

Ok, thanks for the response.

I guess I'm looking for anyone else that is on Spark and has done Corepower yoga classes and if they personally know how many calories they've burned? I understand the logic of using small muscles vs. big ones. However, the name of the studio is just that. It doesn't mean you are simply working your abs for the entire class. It's a flow yoga with lots of movement at a quick pace.

Anyone tried it an have an idea of calorie burn?

1/14/10 3:44 P

I would think that it'd be pretty hard to measure that. Heart rate alone does not determine high calorie burn. It also depends on what muscles you're using and how long you use them. If you work your core for 20 minutes, your calorie burn is still very small because those are small muscles. You may feel a little breathless and like you are working hard, but those are still small muscles that burn very few calories. Likewise, if you use your legs, those are big muscles and burn more calories - but if you're only working them for 30 seconds at a time for a grand total of about 5-10 minutes, your calorie burn still isn't going to be really big.

For yoga, I would say go with Spark's estimate. If you're burning more than Spark's estimate, consider it bonus burn.

MMBRUNT Posts: 37
1/14/10 2:57 P

I have always done yoga at home, but was in a workout rut after my first 1/2 marathon in August and decided to try out Corepower because they had a free week of yoga for new students! After taking two classes, one intro and one C2 level (intermediate), I was hooked! I'd never sweat so much in my life but still been so energized and relaxed when I finished a workout. They really focus on your core and strengthening the rest of your body as well instead of just the flexibility.

So, my question is, how many calories am I burning doing these great workouts? I know my heart rate is up, I can hear it pounding during the workout but I don't know how many calories to report. I don't think it's the 166 that I see in my Fitness report because that just seems logical. I could burn more than that walking for an hour and this is much more work for my body!

Anyone have an idea? Or a bodybugg they would want to lend me?

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