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11/28/12 8:28 A

LOL! I can relate to the 'vivid imagination'! Thanks!!

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11/27/12 6:26 P

i wouldn't even try it until you're cleared by a doctor. i had a c section three years ago and finally just got back into doing abdominal exercises... i have a vivid imagination, that's all i'm saying. lol.
once cleared you can start small. like those standing abdominal work outs some people are so fond of.

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11/27/12 6:04 P

Thanks for your reply, and you are correct.

I plan on it! :)

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11/26/12 6:45 P


For questions such as this, it is always best to get the advice as to what exercises you have been cleared to do by your own physician who is most familiar with you and your surgical recovery.

Even if another member has had a similar surgery, the surgical involvement and recovery time can vary widely.

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Coach Nancy

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11/26/12 6:10 P

I will be having Rectocele, Enterocele, Dyspareunia, and a cyst removed from under my bladder in 2 weeks. I have been reading about working out afterwards and have read that there are things I should not do (crunches, planks, side planks, bicycles, etc....) for my core workout. I am wondering if anybody has had this surgery, and if so, what do you do for your core workout? Also, if any of the experts have any advice, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks so much!

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