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1/28/13 6:27 P

There's a new Cora near where I work (first in our city) and a friend and I are going to check it out tomorrow for lunch. I'm so glad I found this thread today! Came online to look at nutritional info so I could make a good choice tomorrow and yikes.No way to do that except by guessing. I found a bunch of nutritional info on a website (myfitnesspal?) but I don't know that it's accurate. Someone mentioned down thread that there's a poached egg, toast and fruit meal - I think I better stick with that. Or hope my friend cancels. :P

This after going out for lunch unexpectedly today, thinking I was making a good choice, and coming back to look at nutritional info to find it was NOT a good choice at all. Can't do two days of that in a row - that's not how I'm choosing to live my life anymore. One day is fine but not two in a row.

Hope they post the information soon, I won't plan to go there again if I can't figure out what I'm eating. Everywhere I eat has nutritional info - seems really weird that they don't.

MINTYFRESH26 Posts: 11
1/12/13 5:28 P

Very frustrating, as I am going out with friends for brunch to Cora's tomorrow,and can not find any nutritional information. What gives! I weigh in tomorrow, reset my WW points, so of course I don't want to blow my total for the day in one brunch. I am not impressed.

1/8/13 4:00 P

2013 & no update from Cora's since 2009. So, although Cora's is delicious, I would like to refocus. First, some general info for any casual passers-by:

1) Cora's is not "Mom and Pop" They have, according to their site, more than 130 franchise stores across Canada. They have the money to pay for the analysis, and have in fact said that they had a team working on it, as a "long term project" ... I'd say five years is long term enough!

2) Cora's entrees feature custard, chocolate hazelnut spread, cheesy omelets, etc., as well as others with granola, yogurt and fruit and cheese trays. Most people who are choosing the former items are choosing them knowing that they are getting a treat, something that's part of practicing moderation. Having nutritional information won't cause us to make different breakfast choices, just be able to plan the rest of our week to balance the treat, i.e. to actually be moderate and in control of a big picture.
(see comments like: "I need to make permanent, sustainable change, and that includes an occasional heavier than desired meal at Cora's." - UGOGIRL2009
"I still wish I knew exactly what I was getting. It will discourage me from going there if I can't track it" -REDFLAG32)
"which I know has to be ridiculously high in calories but I was hoping to get the exact information." - ASHLEIGHDB

3) Cora's "mission", for many years, was to encourage healthy lifestyles by getting people to start their day with a healthy breakfast. So, when in 2008 they said they were going to publish nutritional info, we believed them.

Instead, they changed their mission. Now it's "promoting the importance of eating breakfast, and to creating unforgettable food experiences"

Obviously, we (healthy, all-things-in-moderation types) are no longer their target audience. However, hopefully if enough people complain they will get on with getting the info out, as many other chains (even some Canadian doughnut shops!) have done.

So, for anyone interested in being able to have a treat and still track their day: (There's an online comment form & more traditional options)

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
1/8/13 7:55 A

I went to Cora's for breakfast just before Christmas - it was the very best breakfast out I've ever had! Absolutely loved it. Probably high in calories, but I didn't care. Great food, amazing service.

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1/8/13 4:17 A

Not heard of this place

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
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1/8/13 3:41 A

I've never even HEARD of Cora's...

And no, it actually isn't a law now, if it's in the US, if Cora's has less than 20 outlets. A restaurant chain can have 19 locations and still not have to dish out their calorie information.

A rule of thumb: restaurants rely on their food to be tasty and cheap, so they will typically 1) use fresh fruits and veggies (a plus!) and 2) add in a LOT of greasy fillers! When I go out to eat, I make sure to tell them exactly how I like it prepared. It isn't nice on the chefs, perhaps, but they can live without giving me that heavy cream. I typically tell them to make sure, due to "allergies", there is NO butter or any extra oil (which is not a complete lie- I do get sick when I eat large amounts of cow/milk fats. Skim milk is fine, but after 1%, I start getting queasy, and I get painful stabs in the stomach with real butter!)

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (577,728)
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1/8/13 1:39 A

I've never eaten there.

UGOGIRL2009 Posts: 787
1/8/13 1:06 A

I tend to agree with your comments about moderation. I don't want to give up anything entirely, just because it isn't 100% healthy and/or low cal. I need to make permanent, sustainable change, and that includes an occasional heavier that desired meal at Cora's.

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1/7/13 11:32 P

Had this problem today! I ate a egg, ham and cheese panini with fruit. So i clocked it all using what i did know and obviously not the light version of anything. 3 cups of fruit, 2 eggs, a crepe, 2 slices of cheese, a slice of ham. My breakfast totaled out at 750+cals! Lol glad it was more of a brunch, and every bit worth it. Health isnt all about calories though. I mean you probably don't need 3 cups of fruit in one sitting, but you give your body alot more eating 3 cups of fruit as opposed to my old favorite and very missed snack....3 cups of chips lol. Everything in moderation, change your habits and your lifestyle and your diet will be a natural extension in taking care of yourself. I will still eat cora's. Maybe not daily....

9/11/12 3:56 A

emoticon emoticon

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
9/10/12 7:38 P

I had the same experience with The Cheesecake Factory. I emailed them and got an email that was similar to one that was posted in this thread. Until they publish the menu, I was told to pick off the diet menu. And nothing on the diet menu looks as good as the food on the regular menu.

The only county in my state that is required to provide nutrtion information is Montgomery County. So I go to TCF in Montgomery County.

CROYERR1 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/10/12 5:45 P

I just experienced the same today, don't get it. emoticon

9/9/12 11:01 A

I ate at Cora's yesterday thinking I could just go on their website and enter in the nutritional information anyhow. Yesterday was a write off anyhow because I went to a birthday party and had a piece of cake, but I was honestly trying to start my day off right and went to Cora's specifically because I knew I would get a huge plate of fruit with my meal. So frustrating to come online and then discover this thread has been alive for 4 years and Cora still hasn't responded to the need to have nutritional information available!!!

1/12/12 5:25 P

My old chef used cream in the omelette's, and I'm taking that alot of restaurants do as it makes them taste creamier .

GRACEMCC45 Posts: 1,134
1/12/12 4:51 P

Wow frustrating!! Went today and had the simplest thing I could think of just in case of this... definitely will be contacting them, unbelievable! There are 5 Cora's in my city alone and my parents love to go there when they come into the city. A shame!

1/1/12 3:19 P

2012 today, still no nutrition info. The updated contact page info is

( Further down, someone wrote a beautiful message for folks to model, so I won't add mine here, other than to say I mentioned that we would be going to Eggspectations, who do have nutrient info online. Hope that will make them realize our threats are real.)

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
5/30/11 8:34 A

Heavy cream is a lot of calories! Maybe you could eat just half and take the other half home for lunch?

LILYSMOM08 Posts: 1,142
5/30/11 8:11 A

Since I started making omelets at home (the 2 egg kind --- loaded with vegetables skim milk and small amounts of cheese (preferably goat or feta), I cannot order them at any restaurant. If I go out for breakfast, I always order something with less leeway in the calorie and fat department as in eggs over easy on dry whole wheat toast.

SEAWAVE Posts: 1,421
5/30/11 7:24 A

I haven't ruled Cora's out just because of them not having nutritional values available. A lot of the smaller restos I go to don't have them, and I don't want to rule out "mom and pop" type places or eating at friends' houses because of that. However, when I asked for a skim milk cappucino, I was told they don't have skim milk. Hmmm. Now THAT rules them out, since going for a capp is one of my rewards for a week well done, and I do have a place nearby that makes them.

JUDITH316 Posts: 168,735
5/30/11 12:55 A

I went to Cora's for the first time today, I ordered an omelette, and to my surprise when trying to locate the nutritional values, I discovered that there is nothing provided or available, I just read all this responses and am quite upset that in this day and age a restaurant doesn't provide their nutritional values. I guess I won't be going there anymore either. Thanks everyone for the heads up...Sadly their food is good with heaps of fresh fruit served with the entrée` but with no values made available it doesn't help me track today... emoticon

ACELIFE88 Posts: 18
3/18/11 5:23 P

Funny thing is I logged onto sparkpeople to update my food log, which included cora's for my breakfast. I looked online to find the calorie information, and just like everyone is saying there is nothing to be found. I probably just killed my whole days calorie intake without realizing. Unacceptable...Even Tim Hortons provides nutrition information.

2/5/11 3:58 P

We love Cora's and usually go at least once a month. Since New Year's I have been trying to be more calorie concious and keep track of what I'm putting in my body. This morning we went and I had the April of '89 which I know has to be ridiculously high in calories but I was hoping to get the exact information. I asked the girl at the till if I could get a copy of their nutritional information and she stared at me blankly before telling me it was probably on the website. Of course once I got to the website I saw that wasn't the case.
I am blown away that they offer no nutritional info whatsoever on their site, and furthermore, don't even acknowledge that fact anywhere on their site. How can this be allowed?? Everything on that menu must be horrendous for you, otherwise why would they hide it??? I'm sad to say goodbye to my favorite breakfast place but refusing to provide your customers with information that should be open and accessible for all is not just bad customer service but also incredibly unsettling.

KEELYME Posts: 1,162
2/3/11 5:09 P

We don't have Cora's in the northeast, but the Cheesecake Factory is just as bad about revealling the calorie information.

NYC requires calorie counts to be published on all menus of chain restaurants. There were some real shockers at Applebees, TGI Fridays, etc. Heck, I even went to Au Bon Pain and got a mini Southwestern cornbread to accompany my soup, only to find that that one piece of bread packed 570 calories.

2/3/11 3:25 P

I am so glad I found this forum! I was just talking with my co worker about Cora's. We went in around christmas time and I ordered a veggie skillet and ate about half of it. I felt horribly heavy for the rest of the day and was very upset to find no nutritional info anywhere! I will not be eating there again for their complete lack of ability to post this info. I thought that by law retaurants had to, but apparently that is not the case.

And also, I assume their inablilty to post nutritional info most likely means that their food is very bad for you.

BLACKROSE_222 Posts: 4,851
1/28/11 3:21 P

Well, here we are in 2011, and they STILL do not have anything on the web. Both me and the Hubbie are a little upset about it, as tomorrow is my Birthday breakfast, and that is where we are going. I know, I know - it's your Birthday. But I still would like to make the good choice. Hmmmm. This is a little sad, seriously.

SEAWAVE Posts: 1,421
9/23/10 1:10 A

FYI I got the same response from Cora's (i.e. 'we're working on it). When I replied asking about ingredients or recepies, I received this response: "All our locations have access to a List of ingredients of our product; we invite you to ask your server to see it…" May be of help if any of you don't have a choice about going to Cora's (i.e. someone else is organizing the get together).

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
9/17/10 6:03 P

Here's something to throw into the mix....places like IHOP put pancake batter in their omelettes to make the eggs puffier. emoticon

9/17/10 5:13 P

This kind of stuff really annoys me in this day and age.
It's why I no longer go there.

SEAWAVE Posts: 1,421
9/17/10 3:36 P

Just searched "Cora's nutritional information" and this is the first thing that came up! I checked the web site, and it STILL doesn't have any info. I have a pretty good idea of my healthy choices, and they will hold off on the cream in omelettes, etc. if you ask them to. But what frustration that they just can't seem to do this one thing!!!

By the way, I e-mailed them as well, but having seen your posts I don't expect anything positive in return... maybe if I just ask for the recipies, then I could check myself??? ARGH!

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
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5/19/10 9:50 A

Restaurants posting calorie information need to send in food samples to a lab, which runs the food through a machine that burns the food and analyzes what's left to count calories- it is VERY expensive. But there is still no excuse for Cora's to promise in 2008 that they'll do it, and then not have it done in 2010!

5/19/10 9:40 A

Yes, I just find it incredible that I can make a recipe at home, punch in the ingredients in an online tool (here or elsewhere) and know the nutritional information immediately, yet it takes them years to do this for their fixed menu items! It obviously isn't a priority. Perhaps there is a far more complex process that needs to be followed in the restaurant industry, but I think this shows a lack of responsiveness to their target market.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
5/19/10 12:49 A


That response sounds to me like they are saying. Yeah we will get around to it. Until then just suffer.

And have you ever seen restaurant diet food? That is some of the nastiest stuff I have ever seen. I would almost rather eat at home. At least I can control my food at home.

Don't have a Cora's and if we did I don't believe I would go there.

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
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5/19/10 12:45 A

I emailed them today! I have family coming from out of town who want to eat there this weekend, but we might have to reconsider!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (577,728)
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5/18/10 11:22 P

Huh? emoticon

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
5/18/10 10:40 P

1. a omelette can be calorie heavy in restuarants because not every one appreciates rabbit food versions of the recipe..
2. a omelette with cheese is 2 types protein- far too much protein for breakfast..
3. max 4 eggs a week is the healthy limit..
4. I would ask them not to put cream in the recipe- totally unnecessary to use cream in a omelette recipe..
5. The only way I know I will get a healthy omelette is if I make it at home..
Many people pay more than money for eating lazy out- you could be eating most of your breakfast and lunch calories in one sitting... When lunch rolls around no calories left for dinner, so at are square one again hungry..

If I can't see what is in the products and I have to ask alot of questions- I am out the door and I tell other people whom go to the same concept I use to loss weight disappointment restaurant..
A omelette of this size is not a breakfast or lunch option.. it is actually 2 meals..

Edited by: RENA1965 at: 5/18/2010 (22:46)
5/18/10 9:21 P

For those who are interested, here is the "don't push us!" response I received today from Chez Cora:

Good day,

It is always a pleasure to see that our customers have the Cora’s concept at heart and take the time to share their comments with us. As you already know, the Cora’s restaurants are always preparing tasty plates with a great variety of fruits.

We realize that there are a growing number of people concerned about their well-being and health. So are we, and that is why we have designated a team, who’s one of their project, is to work on the nutritional information for all the plates in the menu.
We hope that you will understand that this is a long term project and it is difficult for us, at this time, to assess when it will be completed.

We thank you kindly for your understanding and your interest in Cora.


Jocelyne Beauchamp
Franchises Cora Inc.

5/15/10 2:19 P

Don't get me wrong, the food *looks* great, as if it is the picture of health! But if you look a bit deeper: the waffle has custard on it under the pile of fresh fruit; cheese and sauces are common in the egg dishes, I'm guessing the crepes are made with a rich cream or butter. It would be good to know with certainty what we are putting in our mouths.

CEILIE2 SparkPoints: (276,937)
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Posts: 9,080
5/15/10 2:15 P

Really....we may go there tomorrow.

5/15/10 2:02 P

Here is the comment I sent to Cora via their online comment card, feel free to use any or all of my comments:
"I hesitate to eat at Chez Cora since you don't have nutritional information for your meals available, and what looks good and tastes good often isn't good in terms of fat calories. Obviously the fresh fruit on the plate is very appealing, but the devil is in the hot entrees beside the pile of fruit. As someone who is calorie conscious, and part of several online communities devoted to making healthy living choices, we urge you to please finally publish your nutritional information for all menu items, as all major chains have done. One discussion thread on discusses your feedback that this info will be available "soon" - that was in 2008! Please follow through on these promises and stop this disappointment and mystery. We are only concerned for our health, and if we find that your dishes are as healthy and nutritious as they appear to be, you will only gain more loyal customers as a result! Merci beaucoup!"

5/15/10 1:53 P

Wow, this thread has been alive since 2008 and Chez Cora STILL doesn't have any nutritional info on their website! I did manage to find this reference to a single menu item (
) but since it doesn't even give the carb-prot-fat breakdown, I have to question it's validity and source. I asked for nutritional info while in the restaurant, before sitting down to order, and was handed a pamphlet that guided me to some "balanced meals" in terms of eating from the 4 food groups. I think we should all contact the chain through their online comment card -

The more pressure, the better! I'm sure if it's as good as it looks, posting the info will only help them to succeed!

CDNMSFIT Posts: 1,180
9/6/09 1:11 P

Rats! I just googled the sunshine panini to see the cal content and found this post about how it's NOT posted. HMPH!

3/31/09 10:27 A

I'm also waiting for Cora's to get their act together and post their nutritional info!

I had a sunshine panini a while ago and have no clue as to how many cals were in it

there is a new one opening by my house soon - hopefully the info gets posted around the same time, but who knows

and yes - I too thought it was mandatory by law to post that stuff !

REDFLAG32 Posts: 30
3/31/09 10:14 A

They emailed me back today with the same answer - the info will be out this year. They also offered to send me some brochures about their balanced breakfasts in the mail. I`ll see what they are all about and if interesting, I`ll post them on my blog.

Have a good day everyone!

REDFLAG32 Posts: 30
3/28/09 4:46 P

I just came back from Cora's and shocked that the nutritional information was unavailable on the website. I had the skillet loaded with lots of veg and cheese (who knows how much) on top of potatoes with 1 egg on top of the whole thing, multigrain toast and the fresh fruit. The portion size was huge, so I paced myself and took half of it home for dinner.....but I still wish I knew exactly what I was getting. It will discourage me from going there if I can't track it; which is too bad since I love it for the piles of fresh fruit you get!

I emailed them regarding this issue, hopefully if enough people complain they will get on with getting the info out!

10/19/08 11:58 A

I have no idea why that posted 3 times.

10/19/08 11:58 A

I just ate at Cora's and I was thinking the same thing! I had the Spinach and Cheddar omelette as well, I asked for mine to be an egg white omelette to cut some of the fat because of all the cheese they put on it. I've tried to find official nutritional info as well and it is unavailable. i hate that.

10/19/08 11:58 A

I just ate at Cora's and I was thinking the same thing! I had the Spinach and Cheddar omelette as well, I asked for mine to be an egg white omelette to cut some of the fat because of all the cheese they put on it. I've tried to find official nutritional info as well and it is unavailable. i hate that.

10/19/08 11:56 A

I just ate at Cora's and I was thinking the same thing! I had the Spinach and Cheddar omelette as well, I asked for mine to be an egg white omelette to cut some of the fat because of all the cheese they put on it. I've tried to find official nutritional info as well and it is unavailable. i hate that.

PROPHOTO Posts: 229
3/14/08 7:24 A

Wow, thats a scary thought. When you have to count your calories, its scary to think your making the right choices and it turns out to be all wrong. I don't order/eat anything unless I check the nutritional value first. I can't believe Cara's doesn't have to post the nutritional value of their foods.

3/14/08 6:52 A

Good Morning everyone,

I went to Cora's for breakfast yesterday and had a spinach and cheese omlette. I thought ok I know the cheese will be high but at least I can take it easy for the rest of the day and scrimp a bit later this week. I asked about info and they said check the website. I checked on line nothing. I found a posted e mail from someone from Cora's about the omlette saying it contained 40 gr of old cheddar and 3 eggs.
What they wouldn't say was that it was made with table cream. I watched the cook preparing it as I was seated very close to the kitchen and was able to observe. He poured approx a quarter cup of table cream into a clear plastic container holding the eggs and spinach.

I even e mailed them and was advised the info was not available but they were in the "process" of making it available.

Hasn't this been a law for awhile now?

Any thoughts?

Tastes great but be mindful if planning to go there no info is available for tracking.


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