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1/7/13 10:08 P

WAit, you mean I can't copyright flour?



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1/7/13 10:05 P

You can also enter the recipe for personal use (just don't click the 'share' button at the bottom).

Also, recipe ingredients can't be copyrighted, just the directions, so if all you're doing is trying to figure out calories and nutrients, just don't put any directions.

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1/7/13 9:41 P

Yes, it will save it. Not the details of the recipe, of course, but you will have the nutritional information on hand unless you manually delete it. :)

1/7/13 9:30 P

I like that plan. Removes the copywrite infringement from my felony record! (haha), but will doing it that way allow me to save it as something that I can refer back to in the future instead of having to re-enter it each time i make/eat it?

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1/7/13 7:27 P

What I do is enter the information into the recipe calculator, view the info for a serving, and t hen enter THAT into the nutrition tracker as a new item. So I'm not saving the recipe, just entering it for the calculation, then saving the serving info as a regular food entry. Make sense?

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1/7/13 7:26 P

Can you just put in the description that it is a recipe from her? I think if you give the credit to the source that should be fine.

1/7/13 7:00 P

So, I make a Rachel Ray recipe called Double Chicken Dumpling Soup that's really good. Since the jumpstart goal this week is to record my food, I decided to put the recipe in so I could record eating it. But at the bottom of the page it says you can't submit other people's recipes. But when I did a search on the recipe name, nothing came up. So how do I go about recording having eaten the soup for dinner?

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