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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
8/1/13 1:36 P

emoticon Wine adds such flavor to cooking but it doesn't add much in the way of calories once the alcohol is burned off. Enjoy! emoticon

8/2/12 1:16 P

It would really depend on the dish you're making and how long you cook it for. Not all the alcohol will cook out, but it is reduced.

I found this info from an article online - this is the percentage of alcohol left in the food after preparation:

Immediate Consumption: 100%
Overnight Storage: 70%
Boiling liquid, remove from heat: 85%
Flamed: 75%

Dishes that have been baked or simmered:

After 15 minutes: 40%
After 30 minutes: 35%
After 1 hour: 25%
After 1.5 hours: 20%
After 2 hours: 10%
After 2.5 hours: 5%

Here's a link to the article:<

Hope this helped :)

LEB0401 Posts: 301
8/2/12 11:33 A

I've heard that when you cook with wine, the alcohol cooks out of it. Since most calories in wine comes from the alcohol, how does it affect the calorie count? If you're using it in a recipe, how would you log that?

I love cooking with wine! Gonna make a skinny beouf bourgenon this weekend(pretty sure I misspelled that..).

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