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6/28/11 11:18 A

You may want to try fixing some of the staple ingredients en masse. Try chicken or chicken stock when you're meat eating, steaming a bunch of veggies or doing a large pot of pasta or rice when you're not.

Then you have some of the basic ingredients ready so you can mix up dinner for one without a lot of fanfare.

When I make something from a recipe I typically do a larger serving so I don't have to do it all again tomorrow night. Separate into smaller containers, label and freeze.

Think of it like personalized, low calorie, cheaper tv dinners :)

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6/26/11 3:13 P

I would add that I find it easier to do the math to convert a recipe into just one or two portions than to purchase the food necessary to create it. Since grocery stores usually charge less for "giant sized" containers of anything--its hard to buy for one or two people.

6/26/11 5:05 A

I find it easy to stir fry meals just for me, I simply throw in what's in the cupboards, and make just enough to fill a bowl. Then I'm less likely to go back for seconds!

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6/25/11 11:32 A

I tend to make larger recipes and have the leftovers during the week. It's nice not to have to cook, but sometimes it gets really, REALLY boring by the end of the week - by friday, I'm usually pretty tired of what I brought for lunch and end up running out and buying something. I'd love anyone's suggestions on how to get through the week without resorting to buying lunch just out of boredom.

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6/14/11 11:33 P

I've been cooking a long time so I know how to alter a recipe to make it for just a few servings and substituting ingredients for the meat. You can try that if you feel comfortable. Or another option, I just Googled cooking for one-two people and a zillion sites came up.~

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4/29/11 5:29 A

I do a lot of boring meals but you can also make the larger recipes and freeze in individual portions.

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4/29/11 2:56 A

try joining the SparkTeam "Cooking For One or Two"

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4/28/11 11:31 A

I cook for myself and I am only one person every recipe that I see so far on this site is cooking for a large amount of people. Is there any recipes that I can convert into an 1 serving dish. I am in between eating meat to becoming a vegetarian full time.

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