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2/24/13 4:25 P

It is really useful to remember how you feel after eating that way. And no - you are not alone. My kids and I sometimes crave something like that - go overboard - and feel worse later. I always tell them it is like putting gas into your car. If you put good gas - it works well and your car runs well. Food is the same way. If you put junk in your mouth - you will not have any energy - you will feel moody and your stomach will feel bad as well. Trying to remember that feeling can hopefully motivate you to think twice when tempted. No - it doesn't always work - but sometimes it does - and promising yourself - if you are tempted to something much better for you later in the day - might help you keep it away.

Hope this helps!

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2/24/13 1:45 A

yeah, office cookies! what i do is i always have the healthier fav treats i brought in with me. my safety blanket factor. somehow, it makes the environment more manageable.

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2/23/13 9:50 P

I personally like the fiber one 90 calorie cookie bars. they are so good and do taste like cookies and there is only 90 calories try those

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2/23/13 9:15 P

Dammit... Now I want cookies. Lol! In all seriousness, the "made a mistake, move on" is something that is easy to forget when you're busy beating yourself up over the mistake... Well, in my case anyway. Thanks to everyone who "owns" their slip up and reminds the rest of us that it's ok! It reminds me to stay on track after a row of Oreos slip up.

2/23/13 1:06 A

Joseph's Sugar-Free cookies, find them in a lot of DollarTree stores and find them quick. My go to snack to curb returning into bad or horrible eating habits.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/21/13 12:34 P

Ahhhh office goodies, my nemesis.

It's very unfortunate that your desk is located with a view of the kitchen; having to stare temptation in the eye all day is just killer.

Now don't worry too much about today - it happens, it's over, use it as a learning experience ("cookies in my line of sight = danger") and see if you can try making some changes to your environment that might help you "next time" (oh, and there will be a next time - at MY office, there is a "treat" in the lunch room - or even right on the counter in the main working area - EVERY SINGLE DAY). You could march into that kitchen, take that pack of cookies, and move them to where they are not visible from your desk. Of course there's some risk involved here, as once you have that packet in your hands.... yeah it's hard to put it down again without taking "just one" (or two, or three, or twelve!). Really, that's the only thing that helps me - NOT LOOKING. I have been eating my lunch anywhere-but-the-lunchroom because it drives me CRAZY to sit 18 inches away from a bowl of kettle corn, a plate of homemade cookies, or a box of two-bite brownies (that's this week so far - haven't looked in there yet today). It's hard enough just to walk past on my way to the hot water dispenser! But every time i manage it, i get a little stronger....

In a nutshell, try and arrange your environment for "success" - a birds-eye view of the treat table is really very difficult to cope with, so see what you can do to minimize this. There's enough stress in the day without the stress of a willpower-battle with a bag of cookies!

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2/21/13 12:30 P

Thank you!

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
2/21/13 12:13 P

It's going to be okay! Definitely don't skip any meals! I mean, if you're not hungry at the moment, then don't eat, but don't skip meals to try to make up for eating the cookies.

I've definitely felt that 'guilt' that comes along with eating some delicious treats at the office. Usually it was in the form of cake or cookies as well (yum).

Forgive yourself! It happens! It's not about what happens, but it's how you bounce back from it!

wanting to eat a light dinner tells me that you've got this! What's done is done! You're going to be okay!

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2/21/13 11:59 A

My office is directly in front of the office kitchen and there is a whole package of vanilla creme cookies. I have had about 12. It's now noon and I feel sick, and I've eaten all the calories allotted for today already! Trying to forgive myself... Will have a good salad and some protein at dinner and move on. Sometimes I'm able to resist the kitchen food, but work stress is at a level TEN currently... bleah!!!!

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