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10/6/11 2:30 P

I don't have any recipes to offer, but as far as storage goes....I buy things like canned goods in bulk to save money and am usually buying only for myself, as my daughter's family won't eat the foods I do. I store a lot of things like canned goods and individually wrapped portioned food (Ramen noodles) and boxed food under my bed. My room here is tiny so I have to take advantage of any little bit of space I have!

Good luck. Maybe you could try googling recipes for one person on the internet and make adjustments as necessary to help calorie-wise.

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10/6/11 1:46 P

I'm curious if anyone has any cookbook or recipe recommendations for someone who has only a microwave to cook with and is only cooking for one, without a lot of room to store partial ingredients or left-overs.

More detailed - I have room in the fridge at work and room in a shared fridge where I live. I have cupboard space, but not a lot, for dry ingredients and my bit of kitchenware. And I have access in both locations to microwaves (one 1100 watt, the other 900 watt - so I have to also do time conversions). I want to move away from frozen dinners somewhat due to their tendency to be over-salted or not as fresh-tasting as I'd like.

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