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JUSGETTENBY42 Posts: 7,606
2/1/10 11:55 P

I agree used it in all my christmas cookies and pies, works great!

CICITOO Posts: 77
2/1/10 9:33 A

I use the Splenda in place of my sugar. I have made pumpkin pie using the same amount as the sugar called for in recipe. I also use the brown sugar. It is called Brown Sugar Blend - made by Splenda. It contains brown sugar & sucralose. It has only 8 calories per 1/2 tsp. [368 calories per 1/2 cup] but the good news is, you only use half of the amount as you would for sugar. It tastes fine, and has no differance in the recipes but I find it has a strong smell like molasses, when you open the package. Don't be turned off by this though, it does not affect the tasteor smell of the cooked goods. I hope this helps someone. Have a good day. emoticon Nancy

MNLEONA Posts: 12,348
11/2/09 12:18 P

I get a newsletter from Splenda from the Recipe Club. It has some good recipes.

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11/1/09 12:56 P

Thanks, I will go on their site and see what they use of cooking.

IRIE_KEY Posts: 1,261
11/1/09 12:29 P

Just want to clarify I was using the Splenda no calorie sweetner, not the sugar blend when I gave the measurements. On the Splenda site there is also a conversion for sugar blend and baking tips for success.

IRIE_KEY Posts: 1,261
11/1/09 12:24 P

I've made baked items with Splenda and unless I told someone no one noticed the difference. It was a bundt style coffee cake. I do think, but cannot verify that there is also a brown sugar version.

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11/1/09 11:40 A

Thanks for the help, can you bake with splenda and have it come out the same way as it would with regular sugar and is there a brown sugar that is sugar free?.

IRIE_KEY Posts: 1,261
11/1/09 8:54 A

I just checked my Splenda box and it says measure the same by volume, but the weight will be much less. 1 cup sugar = 1 cup Splenda.

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GABBIER Posts: 6
11/1/09 7:49 A

i don't think you have to add anything else i use it for cranberry sauce and ike it better then with sugar

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11/1/09 1:54 A

My husband is diabetic and this year Thanksgiving will be held at our home. I found a wonderful pumpkin pie recipe, but the problem I have is changing the regular sugar to Splenda. It calls for a half a cup of sugar and I know that it will not be that much for the splenda. I just wanted to know if it would change the texture or if I need to replace the sugar not used with some other ingredient along with the splenda. Has anyone ever used applesauce in place of sugar or something along that line. Thanks Ann

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