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MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
4/3/14 7:52 P

All I know is I CANNOT eat at those Chinese buffets that have those simple little sugar donuts. I can eat veggies and lean meat like a pro...but let me near those tiny donuts and it. is. not. pretty.

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,661)
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4/3/14 3:05 P

We don't go to buffets any more - last time we were ate at one we observed an unsupervised child taste testing from the serving spoons - major yuck factor! No thanks!

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/3/14 8:25 A

There are some good choices at buffets, even Oriental ones. Many of those have sauteed entrees, which eliminates most of the really sugary sauces and breading/coatings. The ones I've been in lately also have a Mongolian grill, which is even better. You choose your ingredients and they prepare it on a teppan yaki grill, and sauce it only if you choose. You don't have to take the rice and noodles and whatever other fattening stuff they offer. I actually like those better than the buffet.

I also love the soups, so that's a good suggestion from other posters. Although, I don't go for the wonton, because those are pretty carby for my dietary plan. If you can find an egg drop or other variety that isn't thick with cornstarch, that can be okay. Or leave the wonton in the serving container!
You can get salads in some of the Chinese/Oriental buffets. They usually don't have the variety of American buffets, but salads can be tricky. You'd be surprised how the counts add up.

And then just don't go near the dessert buffet, unless they have some gelatin. I like that best anyway, but for some, just seeing all the little cakes and things is too much temptation. I get tempted by the gelatin! so it's not a challenge for me. But if you crave those other things, just omit that table altogether!

So far as other buffets, I do pretty well with all the veggies and meats. I have to be careful on the salad bar, but I can usually get myself plenty full with the other things and still not run over my nutrition counts. Occasionally I'll find a place which has lunch or breakfast plates that don't hold half a turkey with all the trimmings on them. I use those smaller plates if I can. Sometimes I'll even use the soup bowls instead of a plate. And I don't go round loading it up with everything that looks good on the line. I get a few tablespoons of this and that and go back and eat it. It's not like they're going to run out of food. There will be more when and if I want it!
It makes me crazy to see people with plates loaded so high they can barely navigate back to their table, and then they eat a bite of this and a bite of that and throw all that food away - and go back for more! Talk about gluttony.

Well, buffets can be okay. You just have to plot your course and stick to it. If you indulge a bit more than you would at home or in another type of restaurant, don't beat yourself up about it. It's not like you're eating that way every day.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
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4/3/14 7:36 A

I am not a fan of the Chinese buffets, too much gloppy sauce on things, but my family does brunch buffet several times a year for various holidays. Generally I avoid anything I can make myself, like coffee cake and potatoes, and concentrate on the things that are both healthy and too either too complicated or too expensive to have at home very often. At one buffet I basically ate out of season blackberries and poached salmon while everyone around me ate muffins.

If there is a carving station, that is usually a good choice, as long as you stick with the roast turkey, or roast beef and ignore the big bowl of gravy next to it. My grandparents' country club used to do a Sunday brunch with huge bowls of peel and eat shrimp at the start of it. I would love to go back there and just eat a giant plate of shrimp for brunch. emoticon

4/2/14 3:38 P

Congratulations DDONOVA! Awesome decisions.

Unless I had to go (work thing), I would just avoid all you can eat anything. Aside from Soupplantation, not many use high quality fresh ingredients.

DDONOVA Posts: 27
4/2/14 2:21 P

I just started eating healthy again and trying to lose weight. It has only been a few days and my kids have been pestering me for day to got to Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes. I finally said yes thinking I would just get a salad. After looking the nutritional contents (first time ever at a buffet) I ended up eating a huge salad with fat free Italian with croutons, one muffin, one slice of cheesy bread, a small cup tomato soup and some sugar free mouse. It was all about 500 calories and I didn't feel deprived.

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DOODLES1013 SparkPoints: (19,017)
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4/2/14 1:56 P

I too can have a portion control issue at a Chinese restaurant. I find that if I choose a couple of items that I like, then cut them into small bites, it feels like I'm having more. A doggie bag, what a great idea. I never thought of that. emoticon

SEPTEMBERGRL70 SparkPoints: (1,619)
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4/2/14 1:36 P

Hi, I'm new here and Love the Chinese buffets. I promised myself I will Not go to a buffet until I get my bad habits with overeating under control. I will eat even when feeling full "because it tastes good" and a buffet is a trigger. A Bad habit I need to get under control. However there is a Buffet where I live that also offers 'Menu" items seperate from the buffet and served-Not all you can eat . Many other buffets are just that, go back as many times as you want. Go to a sit down resturant, what you don't eat, ask for a doggie bag or leave it.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,344)
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4/1/14 4:06 P

Can you order a "one trip' option? If not, I would go somewhere else.

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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4/1/14 3:54 P

In most regards Buffets are not worth the waste of funds that it costs to go there and eat when your not going to chow down like others in many regards (though some all you can eat places are actually reasonable, most are not however).

With that in mind, you can always put a few pieces of your 100% fav on the plate and then make sure to load up on steamed veggies and soup/salad

Also if its a treat that you do like once a year then there is little harm in an indulgence your not on a diet after all but making lifestyle choices that are more healthy then they once where so, eating a little bit more won't likely hurt you but ya it might make that week of weight loss closer to a stand still not its not the end of the world remember.

RSTENNER Posts: 84
4/1/14 3:38 P

Yes, love that King Buffet. But, I try real hard to first get the salad items, like crab salad and eat that first. Then I limit myself to one plate of food only, and get the broccoli/chicken and some shrimp and the green beans and load up with the vegetables and drink a lot of iced tea, with truvia in it so I don't overeat.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/1/14 2:12 P

I am lucky. I eat low carb, so at a buffet, I just eat a salad, and a few pieces of meat, and veggies. The truth is, I probably eat less now than when I used to frequent all you can eat buffets, because fat and protein, as well as the fiber in the fresh veggies, helps reduce hunger, so I might eat 5 servings of veggies, 8-12 lbs of meat, and a salad, with minimal dressing. I also skip the 5 desserts emoticon

I find them a great way to test out new vegetables. It is kind of like if I was able to open a can at the grocery store, and taste test everything, since it is all one price, so this is when you can try brusselsprouts, or artichokes, or some other veggie that you wouldn't buy on your own, or have no idea how to cook. Treat it like a wine tasting tour. Have a little bit of all the veggies, and salad, and have some meat, and you should find that you don't lose control.

Hopefully they don't have a chocolate waterfall, or something else so tempting you can't resist.

CYFREE15 Posts: 248
4/1/14 2:00 P

OP - I love chinese buffets. I don't go often anymore, but when I do I tend to save calories from other parts of the day to cover as much of the damage as possible. I start with a plate from the hibachi area where I can choose what goes in. I choose lots of veggies, a little lean meats and light on the sauces. Once I eat that I am usually pretty full. Then I go back for a second and final plate of very small amounts of my favorites. Literally one or two pieces of a few things. Because I am mostly full at this point I need much less to feel satisfied. I drink water or unsweetened tea and skip any desserts. That's it!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
4/1/14 1:58 P

Eat one bowl of soup, One salad light on the dressings, cheese and meat, One plate and one desert.

I hope that it goes well for you. I lose control at the buffet. I can go with the best plans. And it will all go out the window when I get there

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4/1/14 1:08 P

I like steamed soy sauce chicken breasts. We usually order a whole chicken. The nice thing about most buffet restaurants is often they have a regular menu too. I get that and oyster sauce Chinese broccoli and ask for no oil. If the buffet has soup, I'd get wonton soup first. I think the big trick is going and getting soup and then sitting down and eating it. Don't get your food plate yet. Just enjoy the soup. by the time it's cool enough, your party should be done with their first plate. Then look for salad and eat that. Finally, look over the buffet for anything not fried - beef broccoli, kung pao chicken, braised tofu. One plate, no towering piles. :)

DOODLES1013 SparkPoints: (19,017)
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4/1/14 12:24 P

emoticon for the info. It helps clear things up. I'll check out the links too. Sorry for your loss emoticon I wish you all the best with the fight against depression. I too have suffered in the past from depression which makes me overeat "comfort food" not a good way to deal with it, but it's work in progress

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,922)
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Posts: 27,301
3/31/14 5:59 A

Benign Tremors are when the tremors have an unknown cause which is mine, and the familial tremors are when there is a family history. They are both Essential Tremors tho'.

Below are a couple links you may find useful:

because of Asthma, I couldn't have medication to control the tremors, and as my arm was getting very painful from the constant tremors, and I was spilling hot drinks etc., my Dr agreed that it was worth trying Acupuncture. I went to a very good Dr who specializes in treating people with Acupuncture, altho' he does treat with conventional meds, too. I had good success and went 3-4 years with virtually no tremors. Only when I got really tired or stressed. They have been coming back again, and once again, they are often all-over body tremors. I would think partly because my Depression got worse after my husband died just over a year ago. At least they aren't causing pain, this time.

Thanks for the congrat's :-) It is AMAZING what sticking to your guns and looking at the bigger picture can do .... AND tracking all your food - LOL! THAT last one actually gives us the power, AND the results emoticon

Kris xx

DOODLES1013 SparkPoints: (19,017)
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Posts: 473
3/31/14 5:45 A

emoticon on your weight loss! emoticon

DOODLES1013 SparkPoints: (19,017)
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Posts: 473
3/31/14 5:43 A

emoticon May be hard, but I'll give it a try. My fav is sweet and sour chicken. Unforunatly it is deep fried(also called chicken fingers). Yummy, but dangerous. emoticon PS I have had tremors for years, not sure the differences between essential/benign/femialial. Any reliable web sites on this? emoticon

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,922)
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Posts: 27,301
3/31/14 4:45 A

If you want to eat a lot of variety, then remember to downsize your portions to accommodate this. Choose mainly the dishes with lots of veges, and go light on the noodles, rice, wontons, and sweet/sour pork.

Enjoy :-)

DOODLES1013 SparkPoints: (19,017)
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Posts: 473
3/31/14 4:37 A

Any suggestions on healthy eating at a buffet ? It's hard to resist all the tempting choices..Mostly at Asian restaurants.

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