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One is just more aware of what one is stuffing into 'da face when tracking. Good on you!

Just to let you know that corrections are ok. Jets and cruise liners are never following a straight path and have to adjust or make corrections all the way. That is not only how we learn but also how we move forward. Keep that in mind and don't flog yourself for this.

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The last 2 weeks were really rocky for me and I kind of lost my motivation as far as eating goes. I didn't completely gorge myself but a lot went untracked. On Saturday I weighed myself and was 150.8 which was 4 lbs higher than it was 2 weeks ago! I was really discouraged and felt like I had let myself down. I kept getting on and off again hoping it was a fluke. On Sunday I recommitted to tracking EVERYthing and really going all in with my work outs. After only 4 days I'm back to 147!!! I was hoping to hit 145 by next week but I'm just so happy that those 3 lbs didn't stick like I thought they would!

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