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8/27/13 5:54 P

I have the Fitbit One and I love it. Besides being a pedometer, it has an altimeter that tells you how many steps you climbed, whether you do that in the form of actual stairs or walking up hills, etc. I went for a long hike in the mountains where I live and climbed the equivalent of 55 flights of stairs a few weekends ago. I like having that information.

It doesn't specifically track activities like elliptical, but it has conversion rates and you can plug in your activities and translate them into calories burned for that day so you get "credit."

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8/27/13 8:44 A

I've been looking @ the fitbit also not sure what I want just yet

NVR2LATE2BFIT Posts: 477
8/26/13 2:18 P

I have a MIO Alpha Shadow HRM watch, but I've been wanting something that does more without me having to always look at my watch, I've heard about the Fitbit but don't really know enough about it. I do walk, but I do more group exercise so didn't know if it would be right for me. Any suggestions?

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8/26/13 11:20 A

i have a zip and i love it. i like using it to get my baseline of activity- and it does motivate me to get up and move if i realize i have been sitting on my butt most of the day! i find it is accurate in counting my steps.

i wear it on my chest, and it is NOT accurate for the elliptical, which is my cardio machine of choice. so i simply delete the caloric burn from my fitness tracker and enter in my own from my HRM.

if i go for a walk, it is accurate in the count and the caloric burn is usually very close to what my hrm reads.

it has great graphs and all in the app/online which are fun to analyze to see when you're more active etc.

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8/26/13 9:03 A

I have used many different pedometers. I bought the FitBit Zip last week and I absolutely love it. It makes me get up and move so that I can see those steps increase. Last night I spent 20 minutes marching in place and power walking in my living room (it was storming outside) just so that I could beat my steps from the previous day. If you get one it will change your exercise life.

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8/26/13 7:09 A

Hi Pam

The Fitbit uses an accelerometer (similar to a pedometer) to record your activity. There are different kinds of Fitbits- the one you wear on your wrist measures all movement. I use the One and it's more of a step counter. It will tell you calories burned in addition to steps, distance, etc., so that's one thing that makes it different than a pedometer.

Hope that helps a little,

Coach Jen

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8/25/13 1:45 P

I have an ActiveLink from WW, but since I am no longer a member, it's no good to me. I like that it recognized (hopefully) all activity through the day once you hit your baseline. It also recognized lateral movements for more accuracy, not just forward and backward.

I do Zumba, weights, circuit, yoga - not mainly walking or running. I'm guessing the FitBit would recognize those activities as "steps" - is this correct? Also, if this is how the FitBit tracks, what makes it different than a pedometer? (I don't care about the sleep tracking).


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