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1/17/14 3:23 P

Yea - if you have your tracker set up right on MFP and you have it set for a 1 lb/week loss it has already figured out the math for you. If you are hitting your calorie goals and burning 250 calories a day you are in great shape. Keep rocking it, girl.

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1/17/14 2:57 P

See I usually burn 250 a day, at least, not including walking all day ( I have no idea waht that would be) my job is pretty sedentary. I use myfitnesspal for tracking and I usually stay under 1480 the suggest calories. So I'm probably doing everything ok than?

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1/17/14 2:50 P

Its 3,500 to lose a lb, and in a week, this is just 500 calories a day.

That isn't burnt in the gym alone. By cutting calories, you should be running a deficit already, so it may be 250 calories below what your body need to maintain, and 250 that you need to burn in the gym. That's 1750 you actually need to burn, and in 4 workouts a week, is about 450 calories each workout. I walk 45-60 minutes a day, and I burn enough to lose. Relax, you don't need to burn off all those calories in the gym. 1960 is more than 1750, so if diet is okay, then you will lose a lb a week ( on average )

Just figure out how many calories you burn in 1 week, and put that in (1960 ), as well as your goals.. how fast, and how much you want to lose. The range SP gives you will factor everything out.. if it is 1 lb a week, it will be a 500 calories deficit. As long as you are losing, do you really need to know exactly how you got to that 500 calories deficit?

Giving up soda is huge, and will help a lot. Congrats on making that big step. It took me a long time to get over pop.All I drink is water too. It's delicious, and what we are supposed to drink. Some people flavor it with coffee, tea etc., but avoid sweeteners. No harm in drinking just water. eight glasses is a minimum. You may find you need 10-12 a day to not be thirsty.

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Last week 01/06/14, I gave up soda, and started jogging/walking a mile a day. I also this past week started doing 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels. I read an article though that said I need to burn like 3000 calories to lose a pound a week is this true? I thought the fact that I am significantly watching my calories, fat intake, and gave up soda, also jogging at least 7 miles a week would help me lose weight. Oh and all I drink is water! Is this wrong? How does anyone have time to burn 3000 calories?? I burn, running and doing the shred, maybe 1960 calories? Which is 1960 I was not burning before. Am I going about this all wrong?

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