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7/15/13 3:15 P

Thanks, guys. I am mostly happy, but my stomach is still pudgy and I have some extra flab under my arms which drives me nuts. The women at my gym look so incredibly good / in-shape so I think I am just getting a complex. My poor posture adds to the stomach thing too. I will just keep on trucking and try to clean up my weekend eating a bit. Thanks for your advice/help.

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7/15/13 2:51 P

Yes, you can really lose on 2000 calories a day, especially when you're as close as you are to your goal weight. Our weight can fluctuate as much as 5lbs a day, so if you think of it as a margin of error you're only 1lb outside of it. At this point, the scale is almost useless. Go by how you feel, what your tape measurements are, and how your clothes fit. Have fun on the cruise!

Edit: Remember also that muscle is denser than fat so a two women who both are your height and weight can look very different if one doesn't do strength training.

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7/15/13 2:48 P

At 5'6" and 136 pounds, you're already at the low-mid range of a healthy BMI - you may have stopped losing weight because you very well don't have any more weight to lose! Especially if you already do ST and you know you look/feel good, I would celebrate and not fuss too much about those 6 pounds. I think too often we just like the number, and we don't stop to think that in practice that number may actually work.

You're not a loser and it's not "giving up" if you've already succeeded!

7/15/13 2:43 P

I haven't lost weight since April, but I've been doing a lot of ST and I look/feel good so I'm not super worried about it. But I would like to loose more...I still have 6 more lbs to meet my goal and my cruise is coming up in seven weeks. I know I'm not going to lose 6 lbs in 7 weeks but it would be great to be a little leaner!

My range is 1350 - 1700 but with exercise today I am at 1,731 - 2,081, which is really a lot. Can I really lose on 2000 calories? I sit on my butt most of the day at an office job for 8 hours and then in the car for 3.5 hours/day. I am 5'6" and 136 lbs. I keep thinking that I should feel good about the way I am but then I think that is just loser me giving up.

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