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RIKKI52 Posts: 112
5/28/12 8:16 P

See, that sounds good in theory, but I could never eat that much at one meal. Seriously, I'm a grazer. I can't remember the last time I ate a whole "meal." I'll work it out. I'll probably go with several small meals instead of there big ones.

5/28/12 6:58 P

To help with building a meal, check out:

take your 9 inch plate and divide in fourths.
1/4 covered with about 2-4 ounces cooked meat
1/4 covered with grain
1/2 with fruits and veggies
add a glass of milk

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
5/28/12 6:28 P

Thanks so much. I will do that. I was using FitDay to keep track of calories because it's easy to look them up there, but I'll put it on here. I seem to do better with counting calories than combining foods or counting carbs.

Right now, I have a lot of processed high-calorie meats in the house, like fish sticks and such, so I'll have to eat a lot of salads and low-calorie veggies with those, and keep it to one or two sticks instead of the 8 I usually eat. I swear, I could make a meal from fish sticks.

I think maybe my body has gone into starvation mode, because when I count my calories, I have the hardest time getting up to 1200 a day. I just don't eat that much, and I do love raw fruits and veggies, which is a good thing.

I tend to be a mono-foodie, meaning I will grab some carrots and ranch dip and make that my meal. Three carrots does not a meal make, but it really does satisfy me. I need to learn to "build" a meal.

I'll take an inventory of what I have and see what I can come up with, and post it here. I do need to get a scale, though.

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5/28/12 2:17 P

Turn off the SP meal plans.
Start creating your own meal plans using the foods that you have on hand. Work in healthier options when available. Start tracking your intake and trying to stay within your calorie range.
You will also see that you can enter already prepared foods and foods that you eat while dining out.

Please make your food tracker public, so I can have a better picture of what you are reporting. Then I can give better tips for things like: "eating a lot of food; yet not eating enough calories", and "eating too much fruit".

Let me know if you need the steps to make your nutrition tracker public.

Dietitian Becky

5/28/12 2:13 P

One of the great things about spark is you can eat anything (no need to throw out food you have already purchased) you just need to eat things in moderation and practice portion control. Supplement what you already have with healthier choices and make changes over time. When you try to change everything at once, you are less lilkely to stick with it.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
5/28/12 1:29 P

I'm new here, but most of the diet meal choices are just too complicated for me, or things I just don't eat. Believe it or not, eating enough calories is a big problem for me. I don't eat nearly enough calories, but I eat a lot of food. I'm addicted to fruit (not exaggerating...really have withdrawals when no fruit in the house), so sugar is a problem.

I know I just need to look at the nutrition thingy and make my own menus, but one of my problems is that while I love to cook, I don't really have time during the day, and am too tired at night. Plus, what do I do with all this food I already have? I can't afford to just throw it all out and start over. There has to be a way to use it.

This has always been why I quit diets, because they are so hard for me to follow. Any suggestions to make this easier?

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