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8/19/13 11:34 P

Great story about your pants! I giggled a lot. And congratulations on your weight loss. :)

I have been being really restrictive and I have felt really hungry. I guess I thought that hunger pangs were a natural part of weight loss and I was trying to endure them to lose weight. Since your feedback, I have been trying to make healthier choices and I think I have gotten all I need for at least the past few days. I have been dealing with some mental health issues alongside all this. Diet and exercise do help my general mental health, but I get too hard on myself sometimes and thus pretty much make myself suffer. I did fall off the wagon for a week or so and I also picked up a lot of extra calories drinking beers with friends. I'd like to find a good way to be able to have a few drinks once in a while without the calories that imports and craft beers usually have.

I picked up some groceries this week and I made better choices, especially being conscious of the protein my body needs. I also really feel that getting home will make tending to my nutrition needs more "fun" because I'll be able to try out good recipes and enjoy cooking. Weighing in will also be easier and I can be "nit-picky" which I prefer to be anyway.

Your suggestions and advice have been really soothing and helpful to me. Thank you so much!

8/19/13 11:24 P

Thanks so much, dropcone. I did notice a huge deficiency in my protein so I've tried to up it with high-protein cereal, fish, and veggie substitutes for my favorites. I think I underestimate how much protein I need. All your feedback makes a lot of sense. I'm looking forward to getting home so I can go back to walking around my neighborhood, going to the gym with friends, and being able to cook better meals with a full set of kitchen equipment. Until then, I guess I have to stop beating myself up and enjoy the successes. Thanks!

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8/10/13 8:33 A

First off, good for you for committing to change in the challenging situation of living out of town! That doesn't make it any easier!

I completely sympathize with your frustration at not losing weight when you are trying so hard. It can be so discouraging to not have quantifiable results when you are putting in persistent effort over time. Many of us have been there. I know exactly how you feel.

If you are attending more to fitness, you could be getting smaller as your muscles improve their tone. Muscle is firm, fat is flabby, so better muscle tone could cause you to seem smaller even if you haven't lost much weight. This could be why your clothing size is changing.

What I do when I am not losing weight but staying within my calorie range is I start analyzing my nutrition tracker for the macro-nutrient balance. I often don't get enough protein and eat too many carbs if I am not paying attention. This also has the satisfaction of being quantifiable. Usually this will keep me motivated until the pounds start inching downward again.

Meanwhile, go buy new clothes, you deserve it!

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8/10/13 4:16 A

Hi - I had a quick peek at your Nutrition Tracker, and IF you are recording ALL that you eat, going back to the beginning of August, you are being far too restrictive. It isn't healthy to be going down that low and can have long-term effects. 1200 calories is the minimum recommended calories for a sedentary average weight woman, to ensure that she is getting all the nutrients required. There are many days you are around the 800-900 mark. This is counter-productive. Odds are, if you increase your calories you will find that in time you will lose the weight, and it will also be much easier to maintain, because otherwise your metabolism gets stuffed, and as we all know, a slow metabolism is NOT our friend :-( The other thing to note too, is that using a very restrictive diet, is NOT the way to learn life-long healthy habits. Often what happens is that when a person reaches their goal, they go back to eating how they were before, OR they don't reach their goal because they have fallen off the wagon long before. Yo-yo dieters are notorious for this.

As far as your comparing weight is concerned, you have really answered part of your query yourself. You can't compare using different scales. I only weigh on my Medical Centre's very large hospital-type scales, and only before lunch and immediately after having been to the loo. (It is amazing how much weight is lost that way - LOL!) I also only weigh in the same clothes, but on the odd occasion I am wearing different clothing, I know the difference in weight between both lots. (sounds a bit nit-picky but I am a stickler like that - obsessive personality trait:-)

I wouldn't be concerned about the scales, or even the tape measure. Instead I generally go by how my clothes fit. Other indicators of how well you are succeeding is:

* Your energy levels
* The condition of your skin and hair
* Your BP and/or cholesterol/blood sugars if they were a problem
* People telling you that you look good :-)
* The quality of your sleep

I don't bother about the measuring tape because I can measure and then measure again immediately after, and it is different. You just need to hold the tape in a slightly different way for this to happen, or take a breath in, whereas the other was breathing out, or even how you hold your stomach (tension.) My Dietitian has occasionally measured my waist, but we generally gave up on that long ago. I had lost about 50lb, but only a couple cm - not even an inch - around my waist. BUT I had gone from a NZ size 20-22 to a 12-14 top and 14-16 bottom. My fingers are smaller - my feet slightly smaller - my wrists a lot smaller, even tho' they weren't big in the first place - my face is much slimmer and my shoulders are narrower.
My best gauge of success came when I went to the Dietitian one day. I knew that I had lost a fair bit of weight because my fitted, side-zipped trou were getting baggy. I found out how much too baggy when I stood for her to measure me - they fell to the ground, totally unaided - LOL! My daughter went one step further. She had been losing weight and went for regular brisk walks around town. On this particular day HER trou fell down, but that wasn't all - they took her knickers with them emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
(it was a hurry up for us both to get new clothes :-)


8/9/13 9:55 P

I have had a Spark account for a long while, but I've just gotten back into using trackers because I'm on a diet and kicking up my fitness. I began a relatively strict diet in mid-July and quickly noticed that I lost five pounds in 10 days - from 228 to 223. I felt really good and I've continued being disciplined and making smarter, healthier choices.

I can't weigh in often because I'm living in temporary corporate housing on a job out of town. Since that last weigh in, I have gone down one dress size, almost two, and I seem to have continued losing weight. But today, I weighed myself again finally and the scale registered 224 - one pound (albeit not a lot) more than last time. This weigh-in was on another digital scale around the same time of day. I can't imagine that I've gained any weight so what's going on?

Since buying a scale is silly because I can't take it home when I leave here, I've opted instead to buy a measuring tape to do my body measurements, which I will begin shortly.

Does anyone know why I haven't lost any pounds while I have definitely gotten smaller? I feel confused and frustrated. Please help.

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