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Thank you guys. The information and assumptions are pretty spot on. I will start changing things up a little and cut out/limit/substitute some of the bad snacks at night and protein up on my breakfast. The thing that keeps throwing me off with that is the fact that I have high cholesterol and that i associate protein with cholesterol.

10/3/13 7:31 P

On 2000-2300 calories daily, have you been losing about 2-3 pounds each week?? If so, then you have found your appropriate weight loss calorie range.

Regarding your food are definitely low on protein intake. Aim for no less than 75 grams daily. You may find that you do and feel better in the 75-150 gram amount. Experiment and see.

While I think it is fine to have 3-4 servings of fruit for breakfast---I think you should also be including some protein with this meal. How do you feel about nuts, Greek yogurt, hard cooked eggs???

How would you feel about increasing your veggie intake daily. Aim for at least 3-4 servings daily.

Finally---I would watch all those calories coming in from extra food. For your calorie range, you can be including about 150 calories daily in a sugary-fatty food with little nutritional value. But I see days with candy/doughnuts/beer/pizza/etc. Just try to give it all a little better balance. This then leaves you room for the fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

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10/3/13 6:40 P

Sorry if I'm off on this, but I'm guessing from your height that you are male? If so, then your calorie range sounds like you are set up to lose 1 pound per week without exercising, with an additional 1 pound loss each week with the amount of exercise that you are doing. You might find it useful to try tying the nutrition and fitness trackers together to get the range based on your activity each day.

After having a look at your shared nutrition tracker, it looks to me like you are getting more than enough carbs (at least, over the past few days), enough fats, but are way too low on protein. If I were you, I'd be looking at changing my breakfast in to more protein than anything else. Just a quick guess, but I'm thinking that middle-of-the-ranges for you should be somewhere around 275g of carbs / 73g of fats / 100g protein.

Absolute minimum protein you should be getting is 75g, and really you could go even double that. Maintaining protein levels is very important to help maintain muscle during weight loss. Personally, protein is what I find the most satiating, so I don't know how you aren't feeling incredibly hungry with the levels you are at!

Personally, I would find your breakfast to leave me hungrier than I was before eating, and really would recommend that you look for something that has protein, fats, and some complex carbs instead. Since you're eating on the road, then some "one-handed" things that you might consider are:

- home-made egg or meat or cheese sandwich on a toasted english muffin (wouldn't hurt to put some veggies in to the egg - make it an omelet sandwich)
- omelet wrapped in a tortilla
- frittata made earlier, then packaged in to single servings to grab as you go out the door
- individual egg "muffins" with veggies and cheese
- overnight oats (otherwise known as refrigerator oatmeal), made in any flavour you want, but add some extra hemp or flax seeds or protein powder for more protein

The macro nutrients have ranges so that you can play around to find what works best for you personally, so don't worry about it if you are at the bottom of the carb range, and higher in the ranges for fats and proteins, if that is what makes you feel the best.

Just make sure that you are updating your weight in the system as you lose. As your weight drops, your calorie ranges for loss will drop as well.

Hope this has been of some help!

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10/3/13 2:45 P

I have been playing with my breakfast selection in the past few months, as I usually don't have time to eat at home and eat on the road.
In the past I have eaten banana and granola bar combo.
The past two weeks I went to cutting up an apple, banana, plum and pear/mango. It gives me about 280 calories.
I am wondering of its too much sugar to start the day? On the flip side, i have been having a problem getting enough carbs in. Overall I am having a hard time finding a balance. I am 6'2" - 240lb and I have been eating 2000-2300 calories a day. I work out 5-6 days a week and typical burn 700 - 1000 calories a workout.
I am not sure how much of what I burn needs to go back in my body, if any and how that affects my calorie consumption. I have heard people talking about adding enough fuel to your body, but what does that really mean and how does it translate in to your nutrition. I started adding protein shakes after workout. Would appreciate any kind of feedback or guidance. Thanks

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