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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/10/12 3:00 P

yes, there are times I "sneak eat". But, even though it hurts, I put it in my tracker so I can see just how much it hurts

MNNICE Posts: 17,457
12/10/12 1:45 P

My "closet eating" was reduced greatly when I came OUT of the closet, admitted it to my family, friends, co-workers, and stopped trying to hide it. I just admitted this happens sometimes and I have uncontrollable urges to eat everything in sight. It may always be a problem, but I'm working on reducing the episodes and learning moderation! Hang in there!

STODD251 Posts: 754
12/10/12 12:59 P

Those questions should definitely help to prevent you from making some bad decisions. Also I found it quite amusing to read. emoticon

CHAQUITA73 SparkPoints: (69,876)
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12/9/12 7:26 P

I know exactly what you mean! I have opened my SP to everyone, gave out the link to family and friends and I log EVERYTHING I eat. Knowing that I have people who look at my food log keeps me accountable most of the time and lets me really enjoy the few times I really indulge.

Good luck!

CRYSTALIOWA SparkPoints: (1,190)
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12/9/12 5:17 P

Dim the lights and pull out the pizza... the chocolate... the cookie dough...
No one will ever know... just you and your jeans no way emoticon

So I decided to make a list for myself to MAKE me realize exactly what and why I am eating.
To often I ignore the obvious to indulge or to eat my emotions. emoticon

Hopefully this list will open my eyes to reality just a bit more and honestly make me feel my emotions and prevent future negative ones.
Happiness with food is fleeting and so often it leaves me feeling worse. emoticon

So here we go:

1. Is this food even remotely represented in the food pyramid (I am pretty sure chocolate and pepperoni aren't on there)

2. Has anyone ever gotten fat from eating to much of this ... or diabetes?? (Yes, you stupid)

3. Do you see skinny people eating this a lot? emoticon

4. Is this a food served on special occasions and or holidays? (I love you cadbury creme egg sad )

5. Can I purchase this from a vending machine or small gas station?

6. Would I feed this to a kid?

7. Is there a cartoon character on the box? (This should be a GIANT red flag) huh

8. Is there a theme song or slogan for this food? (If you can sing/say it it off the top of your head PUT IT DOWN)

9. Would I still want this if I had to try to put on my old jeans first? (Emphasis on "try" as in Good Luck getting them past your hips)
10. Will this put me closer to my goal wait or a mu-mu?

11. Would I order this on a first date? (Yeah...if you dont want to see them again)

12. I much do i weigh? (OUCH) emoticon

13. How much am i supposed to weigh? (YIKES)

14. Would I want to run into my ex boyfriend while shoving this in my mouth? (Then he can think "wow that couch is eating a cookie!!")

15. Was this one of the foods that helped me resemble jabba the hut in the first place? (Everyone loves star wars references)

16. Am I just eating my emotions? (Sad Angry...etc.... doesnt being fat make those emotions more frequent and worse?)

17. Is this the last _______ I will ever see? emoticon
18. Would I want to put a pic of me eating this on Facebook?

19. Do you think any hot female celebrity would want to endorse this?

20. Picture myself naked ..... TADDAAAAAAAA ... I am not hungry at all emoticon

Making this list was actually really therapeutic for me!!!
It made me realize what I usually think of AFTER I eat bad foods..... now hopefully I will think of them BEFORE and not eat it emoticon

Hope everyone has a Happy December!!!!

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