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5/30/13 4:44 P

Bags of frozen separate or mixed veggies can make life incredibly easy --- can be eaten steamed or in a stir-fry, or added to just about anything, and only take a couple of minutes to heat.

Batch cooking chicken breasts and thighs, pork chops, ham, or even (although it makes me cringe to think it) steaks and freezing in individual portions means that you can just pull them out of the freezer and heat to add to either your salad or stir-fry or omelet. It's even easier and quicker if you pulled them out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge the night before.

Honestly, my two main quick, one-pan meals are a stir-fry or an omelet. Either of these can be made in countless ways, so it never seems like I'm eating the same thing day after day. I change out the meat that I use, the mix of veggies (although there's always onion, garlic, and mushrooms), and even the cheese (I keep at least 3 or 4 types of cheese around all of the time). For the stir-fry I also tend to play around with the sauce, for totally different flavours.

I also make a point of always making way too much of casseroles or pilafs when I do have more time to cook. These freeze well, so there's usually an assortment of individual servings in the freezer for me to thaw when I have less time.

As for hating to cook, well, I am just learning so still find it fun. I love the adventure of putting different things together and playing with spices to get different flavours from the "same old things". I am with you on the dislike of doing dishes, though, so have become pretty much of a "one-pot wonder".

Good luck figuring out what works best for you!

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5/30/13 4:35 P

Chicken, Shrimp, Veggie quesidellas! These are my favorite throw together meals.

For the chicken quesidellas I batch cook the chicken, shred it, and freeze it. When I am ready to make it I pull some chicken out of the freezer, thow some shredded cheese on it, and add lots of pico de gallo as the vegetable and cook it in a whole wheat tortilla.

For a shrimp quesidella I would either use pre-cooked frozne shrimp or pull a single serving of uncooked frozen shrimp from the freezer and do the same thing I do for the chicken.

For a veggie quesidella I chop up fresh peppers, some onion & mushrooms (you can obviously add your favorite veggies) and then top with cheese and some pico de gallo.

All of these take minutes to throw together and cook (5 tops) and the cleanup is only one pan and super easy.

One of my other quick easy meals is seasoned rice (rice-a-roni, etc.) cooked with some cooked chicken and frozen mixed vegetables (usually corn, peas and green bean frozen mixture). Once I add the water to the rice I also add in the cooked chicken and frozen vegetables and cook the rice as directed. One stop meal with meat, carbs, and veggies!

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5/30/13 1:02 P

I almost always have eggs and cheese on hand so omelets are generally my go to meal. I also batch cook on the weekends so there's generally serving size portions of something in the freezer that I can heat up.

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5/30/13 12:47 P

Yeah, I really hate cooking. I don't like preparing meals, I rarely have time to wait for things to cook, and washing dishes after a meal is not my idea of fun. There are so many other things I'd rather be doing with my time, and I usually don't have time to cook until after 9pm. I resort to salads, sandwiches and microwaveable foods. I also rely way too heavily on pre-made foods at the supermarket.
Does anyone have any suggestions for easy meals that require minimal effort, minimal ingredients (I live alone and fresh ingredients never get eaten before they go bad) and are still healthy and balanced? What are your go-to meals when you just don't have time?

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