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7/20/13 6:46 A

I plan on using compression sleeves for longer runs. I used one when I was recovering from a calf injury. That's what caused me to stop running for a while. They do provide really great support. At least, I find they provide good support for my calves. Do they help with recovery ? I don't know. But, I'll let you know if I notice any differences. I saw lots of people wearing compression sleeves during the Spartan Sprint I did last year.

ML made some very good points about shin splints. read that article. You should do your best to get the shin splints to heal before you start running or continue to run. Running will just cause the injury to become chronic and no one should be running with chronic pain.

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7/19/13 8:30 P

Shin splints are caused by impact, and compression sleeves aren't going to do anything about this..

You may find the Spark article "Tips and Hints to Deal With Shin Splints"

As for aiding muscle recovery, my instinct shouts 'gimmick' but I am prepared to keep an open mind if someone can show me some solid research. Certainly, a compression sleeve can help prevent blood pooling (if this is a problem), but I'm not sure this necessarily helps muscle recovery.


7/19/13 2:07 P

I bought some to help with shin splints, but I really didn't notice any difference when I was using them, other than how uncomfortable they made my already difficult run in this heat. I took about a month off of running to give my shins some time off, and I started back with Week 2 of my C25K program just this week. So far, my shins feel fine, so I'm hoping the worst is over, but I will continue to take it slow and steady. I may try the compression sleeves again, but I honestly haven't really thought about them lately.

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7/19/13 1:06 P

I used them in the past, but really found no real benefit - in my experience. For me it was a matter of building up slowly rather than trying to rush through my training before I was ready that helped the most with running issues.

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7/19/13 12:45 P

I use them for recovery after long runs and races.

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7/19/13 11:40 A

Jane Fonda?

7/19/13 10:50 A

Has anyone used compression sleeves for calfs to help with faster muscle recovery and/or shin splints??

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