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11/1/13 4:30 P

grateful thanks to all who responded.

Zorbs, you have no idea of the gusto with which I move my arms when running on the spot. LOL I thought it was all exercise. Thx for the link.

I'll take Jen's advice and commit to 15 minutes three times a week and I'll take Olga's advice to be selective in my workouts and to start without weights.

It's all a bit daunting for me; heck, I had to google 'upper arms' to get the name 'biceps'.

thx again

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11/1/13 3:58 P

Hi Mia, To answer your question: I watched the video and tried the movements. I am in my 50's and have been doing upper body exercises on and off for many years so here is my take on the video:
I think the movements are too fast. There isn't really any benefit from moving that fast, and I didn't really feel like all the muscles in the arms were covered. It actually hurt my shoulder a little bit to do the first exercise which I would actually consider more of a warm-up than an strength exercise.
I think you can find better exercises using the workout generator that someone posted a link to earlier.
You can start without weights if necessary and then work your way up through light weights.
I definitely agree that you would benefit from a more all-around program but here's the thing - You don't have to do every exercise on the workout generator. If some of them are too challenging then just do the ones that feel comfortable for you. You can "cut and paste" if you want to create your own personalized workout.
Many of us who aren't spring chickens have shoulder issues so I would encourage you to start slow and work your way up. In a couple of weeks you will feel muscle being developed and any shoulder pain will be eased.
Good luck and let me know how you do. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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11/1/13 1:54 P

Hi Mia

I agree with Zorbs that you'll want a full-body strength training program that includes exercises for your upper body, lower body and core. I would recommend starting with 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per week. The previous poster gave you a link to the Workout Generator which is a great resource to start a basic program if you're looking for ideas.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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11/1/13 1:42 P

' I walk 3 miles 6 days a week so my arms do get a little exercise."

how do you get an arm workout when you walk? do you walk on your hands? :) arm swing while walking is NOT an upper body workout.

bicep curls are an isolation exercise and not an effective use of your time. To work your biceps along with other supporting muscle groups, try chin ups (assisted if necessary), body weight rows with supinated grip, or for a full upper body + core move, do pushups.

A well rounded strength training program includes legs, back and core too.

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11/1/13 1:39 P

One-arm dumbbell rows (biceps, upper back, shoulders)
Seated dumbbell rows (biceps, upper back, shoulders)
One-arm side pushups (biceps, triceps, obliques, hips)

Upper Body Exercises:

Workout Generator:

MIA-MORSEL Posts: 791
11/1/13 1:34 P

hello team,

I'm Mia, I'm a senior and I'm hesitating to jump straight in to exercising my biceps for fear of getting aching arms. I walk 3 miles 6 days a week so my arms do get a little exercise. I have bookmarked a 10 minute tone up youtube video but I'm uncertain if it is suitable for beginners.

What do you advise please?


this is the video

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